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Ideas From New York- Part 2

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Ideas From New York - Part 2

We went to Ellis Island on our way back from the statue of Liberty. They have a huge museum for immigration. They display lot of things to show how the immigrants suffered in the early days. The immigration which started in 1530, continue until today. The idea I liked there was an audio listening for every kind of music that the immigrants brought into the country. Young and old throng to the place to listen to Jazz, violin etc. Look at the picture. They put their ear close to the wall and press the button to get the audio recording. Why dont we in India start a Carnatic Music and Hindustani Music exhibition and install famous and old audio recordings. When you give old stuff in new forms people love it.

Americans show off their patriotic feeling in all forms. Every big and famous building has a big national flag. Why dont we in India fly our National flags in big tourist attractions without affecting the beauty of the place. I know the government buildings fly the national flags. I mean other big and famous land marks like Meenakshi Temple, Taj Mahal, Mysore Palace etc. It can be put on the walls, not at the top.Look at the picture below:

I will write about other ideas later.
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The audio suggestion for Carnatic/Hindustani music is very good...May be it can be sponsored by any of the large private labels in music...

In India display of Flags is governed by the Flag code of India...Earlier private citizens were barred from hoisting flags...Now this is allowed...But there are countless rules & regulations governing its usage....Also we can purchase only from a single source...We need to allow some freedom in adapting the Flag.

I have personally been enamoured by the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum...Why can't we have a similar recogition in India to our Indian celebrities...May be we require a big ticket sponsor for that
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