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I would like to learn stotras & vedam in chennai

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I have been waiting for a looong time for an opportunity to stay in Chennai (i'm from Bangalore), the dream has finally come true now, I shifted to Chennai 2 months ago.

The only reason that I wanted to come here was my passion for Tamil literature (though mother tongue is Tamil.. unfortunately I haven't learnt to write/read it :-(, i still regret and have been trying hard to learn it now).

Greatly inclined towards spiritually and a great admirer of the Nayanmars and Alwars- i have always looked up to them as a benchmark for spirituality and bhakthi (for me Bhakthi means the unshakable belief, faith and complete surrender to the almighty out of love).

I would like to feel little more closer to God with the vibrations via chanting the mantras, veda and slokas. This is where i need help - I'm looking for some help where the teacher can come home and teach.

I was not successful in finding a teacher in Bangalore, this is one reason that I wanted to be in Chennai. Learning from a Tamil teacher will be more fruitful as I will get an opportunity to explore further into the concept and context.

I stay in Velachery, any suggestions or people willing to teach please contact me.

Sat Chit Ekam Brahma
Dear Mr. Meerkat,

ARE you really the Mr. R.R. we know - in a different name and in disguise??

If so, DO NOT cheat yourself and your parents, who want everything best in life for you!


You can come back to the Forum, after you settle down in life to the

satisfaction of your parents and well wishers.

You will then be more informed and more suitable for active participation.

I don't care even if this makes you angry.

I have to be cruel only to be kind!

with best wishes,
@ VR mam

Ok mam. yes this is RR. Remember once I sent a PM to you "dont worry mam im with you and told about myself and parents.

I will take ur advice and go back to studies. Only when im settled careerwise i will do tbs.com.
Thanks for ur advice.
Last edited:
Dear young man!

You tell me NOT to worry and do exactly the things which will make -

not only me but also everyone interested in your welfare worry.

I have entered the forum when I am 60 +

I am sure many other well respected persons here, have entered the

forum after they have retired!

Where is the hurry?

You have your whole life in front of you!

First thing first.

I feel as if my own son has betrayed me.

I am really upset that you have cheated your parents.

If you really love them don't cheat them. Go back to your studies. You

can come back to the Forum after you have settled down in life and in

a good job.

Sit in solitude and sort out your priorities in life.

The marks you earn in the Forum will not be added to your real scores in

the exam. Do You understand??

Now back to studies with a promise to make up for all the valuable time

you have squandered in starting new threads in the Forum!

with best wishes for a very bright future,
This is exactly what mother tell me. Ok mam I promise I will concentrate in studies and only after I'm in some position I will come back.
I admire ur sense of humour mam.
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