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I was sad

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Hope Sri Raghy has cheered up and is no longer sad now! Cheers!

Sri.Kahanam Sir (am I right or wrong?)

greetings. I did cheer up. I was feeling quite down. Hence I was listening to all those songs posted (and more....only after listeing to few songs, I thought of sharing them. I didn't post the links for the English songs..old greats like this..... YouTube - Ol Turkey Buzzard Mackennas Gold with lyrics ....). I seldom lashout. I did not enjoy someone interfering my sorrow...I never take it seriously if someone ruins my day....but, when I am already sad, if someone tries to ruin that, I usually lash out.

Yes, I had cheered up.

Thanks for your wishes.

raghy Why you are sad, willing to expl, Pl. s,r,k.

Sri.S.R.K Sir,

Greetings. I appreciate your concerns. It was work related; nothing worth brooding over. Just made me sad for the time being, last night.. but all those songs really helped me to cheer up. It is very nice of you to ask. Thank you very much.

i have one great technique(i am using it for more than years..)

first close your right eye....then left...take a long breathe, then wait for while and release....

don't open your eyes for half an hour(fine, if you are in bed.....)then sleep....lol :(

Yes, small sleep will make you fresh(Just like restart in computer, after install/uninstall to relieve from sadness)
Not open for further replies.

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