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I remember you...

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One more composition frome me...

I’ll remember you
For the pains you gave
For the waves you made
For the path you took me
For the things you shared with me

I’ll remember you
For your moods
For your thoughts
For the lessons you taught
For the feelings you created

I’ll remember you
For the gap you filled
And for the vacuum you made
For the light you brought
And for the darkness you brought

I’ll remember you
For the outer human you’re
And for the inner devil you’re
For the God in you
And for the demon in you

I’ll remember you
For the softness you had
And for the hardness you had
For what you relished
And for what you relinquished

I’ll remember you
For what you said
And for what you always wanted to say
For what you expressed
And for what you intended

I’ll remember you for all that.

Loka samasta sukhino bavantu.
Spend some more time working on this and i am sure you can shape it

much better and more attractive.

You appear to be extremely sensitive for a man/ boy(?).

But you do have something worthy of sharing with the others :)

Keep up the good work but spend enough time on each composition.

A poem must be the concentrated form of prose-with not a single extra

word and each word must express more and more, when we read it

Not open for further replies.

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