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I d l i

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nachi naga

One of my friend's daughter used say Idli is acronym for " I Don't Like It"
This following joke was sent to me .

Enjoy your idlis & have a great week ahead.
The greatness of idlis

During the pre-Independence days an Iyer and a Britisher were travelling by the Howrah Mail ftom Madras to Calcutta.

The train left Central at 8 pm sharp and next morning at 7 am it was at Vijayawada . The Britisher had a sumptuous Spencer breakfast served by a butler in livery , but the Iyer opened the top box of his 4-compartment steel carriage and ate two idlis.

Lunch at Waltair station (asVisakhapatnam was then called), was a heavy meal served to the Britisher by the Railway Refreshment stall, but the Iyer only opened the second box of his tiffin carriage, pulled out 4 idlis and ate them with relish. The Britisher was curious as to what was happening, but being a Britisher, kept his stiff-upper- lip posture.

When the scene repeated during dinner at Berhampur, the Brit could no longer contain himself, and enquired, " Sir, what are those white things you have been eating all along? "

The Iyer said, " Sir, these are called IQ tablets. We South Indians can live on them on for days together. "

Britisher: " But how do you make them ? ".

The Iyer went into an elaborate description of the raw materials, and processes.

Britisher : " Can you please give me a couple?-- you need not give them free. I'll be happy to pay whatever price you quote. "

The Iyer thought for a while and said," Actually I have only three more of them left for tomorrow morning's breakfast but since I am going to my relative's place, I can spare them for you. But they will cost you 20 rupees each ".

The Britisher paid up immediately, happy that he was so lucky.

Next morning at Howrah station as they were about to part ways, the Brit asked, " But tell me sir, are you sure you have told me the entire process without leaving out any details? ".

Iyer said " Yes, I told you all details".

Britisher, " Then why are those damn tablets so costly?"

The Iyer said," Remember, I told you those are IQ tablets.You took just 3 last night and already they have started working ! " and walked off through the Exit!

good one. i have not heard this one before.

the only faux pas or maybe discordance (i hope you don't mind... please), is the reference to '4-compartment steel carriage '.

not sure if stainless steel was in vogue those days. just a doubt. sorry.

re the behaviours of iyers on trains: one needs to know hindi to narrate to understand the full irony of this. this was quoted by my brother in law about 30 years ago..

this happened on a southward journey on grand trunk expresss, yet another madrasi dhal joke story.

throughout the journey, the big burly (comparatively) fairskinned sikh was teasing the short dark reticient dhoti wearing vibuthi clad south indian man - the focus on prowess, bravery in the battlefield and sports.

all along, much to the disappointment of the fellow passengers who were thirsting for a retort of some sort.

somewhere past gudur, on entry to tamil nadu, the south indian (aka tamil brahmin) got up very hurriedly and seriously, jumped up in vain, trying to pull the emergency cord.

on seeing this, the sikh pushed him aside, and boasted his strength, height and with one gusto pull, had the full chain down in his hands.

what followed was the plaintive shriek of the train's brakes, the groan from the springs and the plaintive whine from the engine. the train stopped.

soon enough, the engine driver & the guard passed by and came to their compartment to investigate the reason for pulling the chain.

the swarthy tamil, jumped up, and pointed to the sikh, and said, that ..... (fill in your own here).

true enough, on arrival at madras central, there was a contingent of railway police waiting for the sikh with open handcuffs.. :) :)

ps: i repeat, this was a sardarji/madrasi joke, iso i was told, in retort to the ever prevalent teasing of madrasis up north of the vindhyas.

being a universalist myself, i do not enjoy the ethnicity of such jokes. but being a victim of such myself, in my university, i thought it share it among the brethren here :)
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