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I am 76 and like to live upto the values and practices of a Brahmin but am far from it.

P N Narayanan

New member
I am 76 and like to live upto the values and practices of a Brahmin but am far from doing so. Perhaps there is no great merit in my opinions. But one thing I have observed in 50 years of living in the North after practically never having left Chennai till I was 25, is that not only Brahminical but Sanatani customes, family values and even food systems, have much more in common all over India than we are habituated to assume
What do you mean by "no great merit in my opinions?"
What are the so-called values you are referring to?
What are the practices that are referring to?
If one ponders how they are connected, it would make life much more clearer.
The values of different varnas are how you ideally live given your nature by virtue of your varna. Just as sanatana describes way of life so are these. Being a brahmin is much less about belonging to a rigid caste than living in a harmonious way and being loving and respectful. The values are generic applicable to all humans.

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