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this came in today's new york times. i find slides 5, 11 very disturbing. hope some justice comes out of this, and money lenders punished. punished hard. their money taken away and redistirbuted.

also i fervently hope such stuff does happen only in bimaru and not in tamil nadu. we have MK and responsive governments starting from kamaraj to thank.


A Failure to Feed - Photographs - NYTimes.com

for those who boast about india development, or ancient glory, it might behoove to remember our soft under belly - our landless poor. these photos and articles are distributed world wide instantly. can anyone deny it?

All the pictures (except the the grain loading) were disturbing to see. When I was young, we only bought sugar from the rartion-shop (samolina was always infested with worms; I and my sister got sick of removing the worm. The 'uppuma' made from that samolina never tasted good. So, we gave up samolina). Most of the times we got 850 to 900 grams only for every kilo we bought. The sugar would be distributed only one day in a month...we had to watch that day. The next day, there would be sign 'NO STOCK' and the sugar would be sold to the other shops.

I think Tamil Nadu is much more developed than the north India..but, I could be wrong. During my recent visit to India, I failed to see such poverty in our village or in the Harijan colony. Actually the Harijan Colony looked much much better. (I was trying to upload a picture from there..but, I could not do it; sorry)
Dear kunjupu and Raghy,
In interior parts of India especially north india you can see such plights. Even in Kerala nowa days people from north and north east come for daily wages For them Kerala is Dubai. Hundreds of such stories can be heard from them. I had personal experience of how government subsidies are looted by the middle men in UP and the poor ANGUTTA chap will be getting one bottle of local drink and pan . When in Kerala daily mazdoor were getting 125/- Rs (years back) fellow men at Andhra will be getting 5/- and food for one time. There is difference in working hours also.
The rice received from ration shop is of poor quality and will stones in it.
Government has enough rules but it is not implemented successfully to reach the deserved ones.
Public distribution system is highly corrupt and inefficient.

Government should open nil balance bank accounts for all the residents and credit amounts directly to the bank account.

They should close down ration shops as they are highly corrupt.

Government is introducing Unique Identity Card for all the citizens and let us hope the leakages are stopped once it come into force.

All the best
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