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sir - can anybody prove that i & BALA_80 are even remotely connected to each other? if titles are conferred at this rate, for these types of reasons by members on each other, the titles will loose their respects!

why did the adminstrator of this forum get upset when he was charged with being partial? because he felt it was a false charge. similarly , i also get upset if my ancestors & forefathers are falsely charged of being meat eaters.
in fact leave alone bramins, even non bramins should have been vegetarians during vedic period, because the population in those days was so low, there was no need for meat, because vegetarian food was available in plenty!

simlarly, according to the aryan invasion theory, 'rationalists' allege, as if they have seen personally,that thousand of aryans invaded india , and that the present day bramins are descendants of these aryans! it is doubtful if the population of even whole world was so large that so many waves of invasions took place from outside india, with thousands pouring in! may be some hundreds of foreigners could have migrated to india, and since in those days any person could convert to any varna, subject to conditions, these foreigners could have converted to brahminism! the allegation that vedic bramins were meat eaters is as ridiculous as saying that bramins are foreign invaders. i have submitted many quotations from many scriptures , many examples as proofs & evidences. what proponents of meat eating have produced are personal views of some sages or seers which do not qualify as proofs or evidences. as i have already said many persons from other varnas converted to brahminism in those days, as conversions were freely allowed. so is it not possible that these convertees could have been those 'bramins' who ate meat and sacrificed animals? they were expelled later, and since then, for centuries, the whole world knows, no person from one varna has been allowed to convert to other varna.

when i was N.SURESH, my email ID was cheelusuresh , and when i came as NARAS, my email ID was cheelsuresh. so it was easy for moderators to find out that it was the same fellow. i also mentioned the same kothram , date of birth, location deliberately. so my motive was not to hide anything from moderators. it were the members who did not know my identity. so i have not taken any 3rd avatar, as has been wrongly 'investigated' by some 'intellects' . but it is nice to have a pure bramin as a companion!
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