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How to raise a child the brahmana way?

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Dear Sir,

"Ridiculous" is considered an insult..as far as I know Sattva Guna does not condone insulting others.

What I am surprised is..in all your other posts you are preaching Sattva Guna in mega serial stories:

1)Thou shall not drink alcohol

2)Thou shall not smoke

3)Thou shall not eat non veg

4)Thou shall not spend too much on fire crackers

5)Thou shall not look at another woman even though hormones are raging inside

6)Thou shall have arranged marriage.

But when someone asks a question where he feels that Brahmin culture is something he wants to follow..in fact the person is giving you a compliment for actually wanting to follow your tradition all you tell him is "For some dimensions'..
Yes, in some dimensions it is laughable and ridiculous.."

LOL! Ha Ha Ha...now I really feel like laughing at you.!

P.S..I am just a normal human who has all Gunas in me in varying proportions..so I am entitled to laugh at some posts here.

1. Believe me Renuka, ridiculous, in this context is not an insult. You just need that maturity and wisdom to look at it in different dimensions.

I do not consider any views as low or high.. :) In fact low = high, if u understand it.

2. On eating non-veg or drinking or smoking etc, I would say u should take it in a particular context. For a Brahamana way of living, I seriously put forward these as requirements. People may differ with me and I respect their views. Diversity is the hall-mark of our evolution.

FYI, I have dined with people of so many countries who eat non-veg and drink and I don't insult them or their way of living.

3. On point 4, ur picking up seems immature. On point 5, is there anything wrong..?

4. On point 6, no, I did not say that in any post. I don't know where u got it from.. Love or arranged marriage does not matter. What matters is the friendship between the couples..

1. Believe me Renuka, ridiculous, in this context is not an insult. You just need that maturity and wisdom to look at it in different dimensions.

I do not consider any views as low or high.. :) In fact low = high, if u understand it.

Dear Sir,

Low=High..If we are talking Advaita then you have a point that there is neither low nor high.

But in earth bound situations..LOW is NEVER = HIGH

LOW content of C2H5OH does not make a person HIGH !

Ask any Kudimagan ..they will tell you what is the minimum content of alcohol that gives the Kickku!

Anyway now I am in a good mood..so this song is for you.

We can all get HIGH on the Tattvam in this song.

Hello everyone,

What I want are the following:
1. My overarching goal is to raise my daughter in the brahmana way, if I can, so that it will help achieve my goals for bringing her up.
2. I would love to obtain ways and means to implement this from those who know.
3. I'm willing to follow 'Sashtrams' and 'Sampardayams' if it doesn't conflict with my beliefs (which are my own and are open to mending if required).
4. I would certainly love to hear about platonic implications of being an ideal brahman, but would much prefer knowing about how to implement them on a day to day basis.
5. Please recommend any books/extracts/transcripts that I could read to achieve this goal. Kindly note that I'm very time poor and would like the essence presented to me, but am also willing to read through large volumes of text if there are no other ways.
6. I hope this post serves to invigorate others who are searching for this information.

I hope to bring a productive 'non-brahmin' point of view to topics in discussion.

PS: I do understand the meaning of "N
ahi nahi rakshati dukrinjn karane"

To the Poster,

Your post inspired me to write a thread How to become a born-again brahmin?!

It may serve as an heads-up!

Don't be worried that your children are not learning by listening to you, be aware that they are learning by watching you.

If parents follow the right path, children will surely know the right way.
if u are in USA/UK...just visit temple regularly and put her in bal vihar pgmes....even chinmaya bal vikas pgme....many

so called brahmana qualities included in pgme...
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