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How many vedas in Hindu tradition?

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नानृग्वेदविनीतस्य नायजुर्वेद्धारिणः।
नासामवेदविदुषश्शक्यमेवं विभाषितुम्।। 4.3.28।।

अनृग्वेदविदुषः for one who is not well versed in rigveda, एवम् in that way, भाषितुम् to talk, न शक्यम् not possible, अयजुर्वेद्धारिणः not a scholar in Yajurveda, न not, असामवेदविदुषः for one who is not a scholar in Samaveda, न not.

One who has not studied Rig,Yajur and Sama vedas can not speak that way.

When Hanuman met Sri Rama for the first time. Rama praised Hanuman to Lakshmana, saying that Hanuman‘s excellent speech clearly indicated mastery over the Rg, Yajur and Sama Vedas.

This is important also from the point of view that Valmiki referred to 3 vedas. Not one and not four. By the time of Sri Rama, there were 3 Vedas already.

When did the 4th veda was added?
Hmmm... interesting point. Maybe Hanuman hadn't yet mastered the fourth Veda? That's just a thought. Would love to know the answer.
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