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How Lord Brahma is considered as Rajasic

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When you see other gods, they have killed demons except Lord Muruga, he didn't kill surapadma but killed tarakasura by destroying the mountain form of him. Lord Brahma never killed anybody. Onlly thing is according to scriptures he did the Panchama patakam (i.e grave sin of seeing with lust his daughter and shiva's wife).Even Lord vishnu or krisha lied for the protection of dharma and vishnu in order to kill one asura came in that form of asura to make the chaste wife of that asura to loose chastity.(brinda or tulsi).That's why in rama avatar he got the punishment. Even shiva did play with his nayanmars and devotees by telling some lies or doing mischief. Lord Brahma only gave boons to asuras and never killed anybody.How come Lord Brahma is considered as Rajasic when shiva (rudra) or vishnu exhibited all three gunas they were considered as satvic when telling about their supremacy.
There is no purana to substantiate brahma's rajasic quality (may be his lustful nature as depicted by shiva and vishnu devotees (these puranas are written by people who have these qualities)..Therefore Lord Brahma should be worshipped properly as in vedic times but no acharya is advocating more on brahma worship ...Why? ..
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