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How do we set the date for Vaigasi Visagham?

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Hello, this is my first post to the forum. Which has been a source of valuable information for me.

I am based in Africa. I would like to understand how we set the date on which to celebrate Vaigasi Visagam. My understanding is that it is on the full moon day in the month of Vaigasi on the Visagam nakshata day?
Now the issue is what prevails the tidhi or the nakshatiram if the pownami and Visagam are not align on the same day?

Please help me understand how this date is set. Any source (saastra, books or else) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanj you so much. Nandri

In the book samksebha dharma sastram in page no 350 in thithi nirnaya prakaranam details are there. 3rd june morning during suryadhaya time vishaka star is there. so that day is vaigasi vishagam day. pournami pooja must be done on the same night. as there is no pournami thithi during sun set on the next day. only on 3 rd june during sunset pournami is there.
Vaigasi Visagham

Many thanks. Very helpful.

Vanakkam, Several priest has also said that Vaigasi visagham could be celebrated on the 2nd of June as the appearance of the star starts on saturday afternoon and ends the next day before noon. how far is is information reliable? please I need your reply as there is a big discussion on this issue. Nandri.
hi, based on my discussion with scholars on the matter, what emerged is that you need to choose which day the star is stronger. how much time is it present between sunrise to sunset on each day as a quick guide. then the other consideration for vaigasi visagam is the closer it is to pownami the better as for this year where the alignement is not on one day this can be on a different day but choose the closest. like in my country on the 3rd we have more than 6 hours of Visakha in the morning [on the 2nd only 2 hours) on pownami is there during the night. hope this helps.
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