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How do I make Veppampoo Rasam

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I have the strongest urge to drink veppampoo rasam this weekend!!

I have in my freezer fresh stock of dry veppampoo that I diligently procured from one of my relatives in Chennai and I cannot stand the thought of wasting it.

Can someone give me the accurate recipe to make veppampoo rasam please?

Its friday now, so you can see why I am so anxious to get a recipe for this weekend!!

the concept of rasam, is akin, vaguely, to tea, i feel.

so, we can make rasam out of anything. including dandelions :)
In Tirunelveli and Nanjinad areas Veppampoo rasam is a "must" on some days of the year. Details of the days I don't recall now.

not my original, he he. but here are two recipes from the web, that i like.

My Receipes: Vepampoo Rasam (Neem Flower Rasam)

Vepampoo Rasam! « Kadambam – My Recipe Book

the first is simpler to make, the second simpler to drink. i think.


Dear K'ji:

Appreciate sending the recipes.

Here is the outcome. When I ventured creating this concoction, I found from the recipes you sent, basically it is the regular rasam with added garnishment of veppam poo so I was not too intimidated by it!! So I proceeded making it. Then came the greatest revelation from the Mrs. She announced that it would taste much better without the dal stock, she said make it the way you would make a regular milagu rasam and then fry and add veppam poo. You know what!! When it came to cooking I thought I had the upper hand in my household, but she was correct this time. I made it"her" way, tasted great with a lot of punch, we even took a sample of it to a party at friend's house, it caused a mini patti mandram as to which is better: Cold beer or Hot Veppam poo rasam; and my concoction won hands down.

But one lesson learnt: When you eat the rasam, "squeeze" the veppampoo out of the mix and then drink it, especially when you give it to kids. Otherwise it left a lot of bitterness.

So there...I am so proud that veppampoo rasam is back into my life after so many years!! and thanks everyone for sending out recipes and comments.
dear serv,

nothing like a sense of taste.

mrs k never follows any recipe verbatim, and always improvises and adds/takes away stuff, or modifies the amount, to satisfy her taste sense.

which is good i think.

i have a (white) friend, who goes by the book. to the 1 mm or 1 milligram level. his concoctions, unfortunately, seldom come fit to flow down the mouth, to the stomach. an alternate inlet has to be found, most times.

reminds me: when i was in 10th standard, my friend who used to sit next to me, showed me a page. it was a recipe to make 1 litre of sambhar as produced by 'the cultural academy' in santhome. the academy was run by catholic nuns, and basically 'prepped' upper crust girls for marriage. the minimum requirement was a degree, and daddy's ability to pay a hefty fee. if i remember right, these girls were in their early 20s, and very pretty. :)

dont know however how the sambhar turned out.
hi amala
its good for digestive problem.....just fry dried veppam poo in ghee....then put it in rasam.....yummy..yummy


Yes, this is a traditional method. Fry till it becomes dark brown or till the sweet smell tickles. The fried veppanmpoo can also be added to thayir sadam.
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