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How did ramana enlighten

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Dear Members,

The following incident took place at Sri Ramanashram, Tiruvannamalai some
decades ago.

It was a Mahasivaratri day. The devotees dined along with the Bhagawan.
Then they all assembled in the main hall and the Maharishi was reclining on
the bed in his usual pose and poise. It was 8 in the night.

A devotee got up, paid obeisance to the Bhagawan and requested him :
" Bhagawan , today is an auspicious day, MahaSivaratri. We all will be
grateful if Bhagawan could explain to us the meaning of Dakshinamurthy


Bhagawan replied " yes, I shall. Please sit down. "

All sat down. Bhagawan did not speak anything. He was silent. All those
assembled there were looking at Bhagawan. Bhagawan was looking at
them, Grace oozing out of his eyes.


(Ramana Maharshi)

There was total silence. No one moved; nothing moved except time.

The clock struck nine... Still Bhagawan was silent. Stillness everywhere.

Time moved forward. The clock struck ten, eleven, twelve., one, two,

It was all silence, total and complete. All the assembled devotees and the
Bhagawan were looking at each other.

No one even whispered.They were all transported to a Divine world of bliss. Many felt something moving up their spines! It was Bliss all over.

And the clock struck four. Maharishi got up. It took them a minute to
realize this small movement and they too got up.

Maharishi said : " Now, you all know the meaning of Dakshinamurthy
sthothram " and he walked away.

Ramana Maharshi as a youngkid portrayed as Shankaracharya- Dakshinamurthi Rupa

This incident was narrated by sri T.K.Sundaresa Iyer, an ardent devotee
of Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi.

Indeed, silence is eloquent.

Dear Sunkan,

True indeed ...Silence speaks louder than words at times...
Thats why Sathya Sai Baba has said..."Make your life a rose that speaks silently in the language of fragrance"

Silence is eloquent and as equal is the dhrishti (saints casting their eyes on us). This incident during the visit of Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekara Bharathy Mahaswamigal of Sringeri to Madurai in 1924/25. On the day prior to entering the city he was camping at a small village Uthangudi near Madurai. There was an advocate by name K R Venkatarama Iyer (where the present AR plaza stands at North Veli Street). When he was about to leave for Uthangudi, his friend, Manthreswara Sarma, an atheist came there. while he learnt the purpose of Iyer's visit, he made sarcastic comments about sanyasis. Nevertheless, he agreed to come with him toUthangudi. He was in Europoean dress with suit, tie and shoes etc., On reaching the place where guru stayed, he saw people standing outside his room with all humility which evoked sarcastic comments from Sarma. Few minutes later the guru came out and his eyes fell on this atheist. That is all. Next second, this gentle man was at his feet weeping. He could not stand. Swamiji left. Next day, he visited the place with indian dress and fell at his feet narrating his story. Swamiji blessed him. Later he became a great spiritual sadaka and attained amazing progress. This incident has been narrated by himself in a leaflet. To say about the calibre of Manthreswara Sarma, he was the editor of a journal 'Searchlight' of Patna. Sri Gandhiji chose him as his ambassador to talk to Jinnah as his last minute attempt to avoid Indian partition.

Thus dhristi can make amazing changes.
through kaamakoti .com i was able to read a lot about our periyava and the most impressing read was the chakrai pongal episode after the rudra japam and how periyava narrated the entire episode to the gentleman who brought the prasadam..

ramana has been my favorite for a very long time, his Q& A were a enlightening to say the least how well he could relate to many and in simple living how never wanted any wastage and how we went about doing so many things and advising his followers to go about thinking about the lord by seeking in the self....who can forget his teaching of WHO AM I? ...sunkan
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