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"Honest" Prime Minister and the move to exclude him from Lokpal's Supervision!

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"Honest" Prime Minister and the move to exclude him from Lokpal's Supervision!

There is a lot of talk and discussion in the internet expressing puzzlement at the extreme reluctance of the Congress to bring the Prime Minister into the ambit of the Lokpal Bill.

Questions like "Don't you feel that the security of the country itself would be seriously compromised if prime minister enjoyed complete immunity from any investigations and trials?"

"We remember in the past you had yourself offered to be brought under the purview of Lokpal Bill. Then why are your own ministers opposing your inclusion in Lokpal's ambit?"

"You are one of the most honest prime ministers the country has had. It is ironical that your own government should seek to take the prime minister out of the purview of Lokpal's investigations."

When I read such comments I cannot but suppress a smirk!

Is there anybody in this country who REALLY believes that all these comments and queries really apply to that poor dummy helpless soul called MMS? Is there any person in this country who is so naive?

Are not the days of MMS really numbered and the Congress is actually planning to bring a younger, much younger person as the PM, if they really retain power when the general elections come?
As far as the present PM is concerned, the suspicion is now in many people's minds."Inda poonayum paal kudikkumaa? Oru velai kudikkalaam.. ".. The congress party is afraid of the inclusion of PM under Lok Pal not because of MMS, but the damage and revelation it may build later... Congress party will not get any better facade at present other than MMS.So he is the best bet for him. It also suits certain other vested interests in having a puppet like PM for the country....

I cannot compare with Late Morarji Desai, when a notice of no-confident motion was given against his govt, he said that there need not be any waiting, as it is the utmost priority and urged the opposition to start discussion right then....

We long for some upright figures at top... Probably the Gita words "Yadaa Yadaa hi Dharmasya ...." may com true by time.let's hope.

When people are making noise about the inclusion of PM in the ambit of Lokpal Bill, our PM is as usual maintaining dignified silence about issue.


pray explain the difference between 'dignified' and 'undignified' silence.

what would MM's 'undignified' silence be like?

personally, if i were MM, i would not like to be under the scrutiny of Lok Pal. this whole thing appears to be like a super ombudsman, watching over every action of every elected official.

just a query: will sethusamudram project, under a lok palled india, be considered corruption or a policy decision. i get a gut feeling that the lines between religion and politics, is increasingly getting blurred. not good for our country.

let us see how this develops...
The point here is not whether the PM is to be brought under the ambit of the LP bill or not.Our PM, as the head of the Govt,is expected to give his views about this contentious issue when the whole nation is debating its merits or demerits over the past so many months.Whether it is 2G scam, common wealth game scam or whatever our PM hardly opens his mouth until the situation comes to the point when he can no longer
keep quiet about an issue about which the entire nation has been clamoring about.
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