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Hon'ble Supreme Court Slammed Govt on Minority Quota....

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URGENT PRESS (2 pages including this one)

Hon Supreme Court terms 4.5% Muslim Quota ‘Unconstitutional’
Dr Togadia warns of stir against
Constitutional Amendment if any for Muslim Quota

New Delhi, June 13, 2012

In a landmark rendition today the Hon Supreme Court of India warned the Union Govt that it could even reject admitting its appeal challenging Andhra High Court decision to reject 4.5% Muslim Quota from OBC 27%. The Union Govt had filed the reports of Sachhar Committee & Rangnath Mishr Commission & other sundry reports as the basis for the 4.5% Muslim quota. The Hon Supreme Court refused to accept these reports. The Hon Supreme Court has also refused to stay the Andhra HC decision to cancel 4.5% Muslim Quota.

The Hon Supreme Court said, “The Govt’s decision to implement 4.5% sub-quota from January this year did not prima facie appear to be supported by constitutional provisions… The December 22, 2011 office memorandum on the issue of sub-quota did not have the legislative support. Unlike the 27% to OBCs in central education institutions, the carving of 4.5% sub-quota is not supported by even a law. It also appears that the carving of 4.5% sub-quota was purely based on religious considerations. We are not inclined to grant stay.” The Hon Supreme Court also specifically asked the Govt, ”You are giving them from 50%, you are giving them already from 27% OBC & now you want to give them specially 4.5% exclusive. Why this religion based discrimination?” Govt had no reply to such a direct question on triple reservation to Muslims.

VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, "This vindicates our stand strongly that any type of Muslim quota is unconstitutional. The Hon Supreme Court terming Govt move of 4.5% to Muslims from poor OBC 27% as ‘Unconstitutional’, ‘Not Supported by Law’ & ‘Purely Religious Consideration’ exposes Govt ulterior motive to discriminate against Hindus for Muslims through the dubious studies like Sachhar Committee & Rangnath Mishr Commission etc.”

Dr Togadia further demanded an unconditional & immediate apology from the Union Govt & from all the state Govts who gave any reservations or special favours to Muslims. He also demanded that the Govt now immediately withdraw reports of Sachhar Committee & Rangnath Mishr Commission as the Hon Supreme Court has already rejected them & Delhi HC had termed them unconstitutional.”

Dr Togadia warned, “Rather than giving up the unlawful, unconstitutional & discriminatory efforts of giving special reservations & other favours to Muslims now, if the Govt goes ahead with the vicious anti-national plan to amend the Constitution to yet give such reservations & favours to Muslims, then Bharat’s Hindus of all castes will protest as ONE democratically on the streets. All responsibility of any ensuing situation thereafter will be the sole liability of the Union Govt.”

DrTogadia appealed to all in Bharat to challenge in the respective courts all such special reservations & favours showered on Muslims in any form anywhere in Bharat in all states including special salary of Rs 2500 to Imams in Bengal; quota to Muslims in Tamil Nadu, Karnatak, Bengal etc; fees paid by Govt of 72,09,000 Muslim students; monthly Ru 12,000 scholarship to 32,145 Muslim students (total Ru 700 Crore); educational loans to Muslims at 3% & many other favours given through NMDC (National Minority Development Corporation); Rs 1, 43, 396 Crore loan to Muslims for businesses at the rate of 6% interest in priority sector lending per RBI circular while 13% interest levied on Hindus etc. Dr Togadia appealed all to write letters / emails to the PM, the Hon Supreme Court & the UN Human Rights against all such unconstitutional, anti-law & discriminatory favors & reservations given to Muslims.

Recently the Govt has sent a letter to all state Govts asking them to appoint Muslim Police Inspectors in Muslim areas. This also is an unconstitutional decision & must be challenged as this is a prelude to the Targeted Violence Bill that the Govt has been proposing for pushing Hindus to jail while protecting Muslim violence against all others.

Dr Togadia also demanded that the Hon Election Commission now must cancel registrations of all political parties that fought or won the elections promising any type of Muslim quota / reservations / special favours. The EC should also bar from such candidates from further elections.


Contact: [email protected]
Please see news item below.

I would say that people who trumpet hollow secularism without questioning such blatant communal discrimination are the real bigots!

It is such communal discrimination that will lay this country to waste!

Minorities dept ?buys? 70% of seats in Maharashtra polytechnics - Times Of India

Maharashtra's minorities department has bought over one shift in government polytechnics and ITIs (industrial training institutes) and reserved 70% of the seats in that batch for six minority religions. Additionally, it is also proposed to start a similar scheme in engineering colleges. The move is aimed at promoting education among Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis.

Even as the Supreme Court ruled against any religion-based quota, the government, in a week, will start admission to these polytechnics and ITIs and fill 70% seats with minority students in the second shift of all these colleges. The scheme will be operational in the second shift—1.30pm-8.30pm—and run in 15 government polytechnics (2,700 seats) and in 42 ITIs that have 4,344 seats. The remaining 30% seats will be open for general category students.

The proposal to run a second shift came with the noble idea of utilising the existing infrastructure fully. So, a polytechnic institute or an ITI could provide courses in morning and evening shifts with the same infrastructure, but with additional faculty. But the state government decided to do its own unique calculations.

"We have started this scheme as per the directions of the Sachar committee report which states that minority youth need to be brought into mainstream education. The funds for this scheme are offered by my department," said minorities minister Naseem Khan. The Sachar committee, which looked at the social, economic and education status of Muslims in India recommended that skill development initiatives of ITIs and polytechnics should focus on sectors which have high growth potential and in which the Muslim population is concentrated. "These training initiatives should also focus on areas where the minority population concentrated," the committee noted.

But the minorities department felt there was need for more. So, when it received funds for starting a new minority institution, it decided not to set up fresh infrastructure, but take over a shift in the existing colleges. The state's higher and technical education department had sought permission for running a second shift two years ago, but then there weren't enough teachers and staff to start the afternoon batch.

"Now we have appointed people for running the second shift. As the minority department is taking in 70% students, they are footing the bill for the recurring day-to-day expenses," said S K Mahajan, head of the directorate of technical education.
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We are fortunate to have Shri Kapadia as the chief justice who is ensuring the independnce of the judiciary in these testing times. The Supreme Court is the only hope and it has given a good slap for the sickular congress.
Don't be too sure; the psec govt will try to amend the constitution to allow reservation. The recent high court judgement that muslim girls can marry after they come of age and live with husbands (say 10+) because muslim law is applicable.

We are fortunate to have Shri Kapadia as the chief justice who is ensuring the independnce of the judiciary in these testing times. The Supreme Court is the only hope and it has given a good slap for the sickular congress.
yeah. This govt is capable of going to any extent. for that matter, even the 2G case is going on like "javvu" though there are enough proof in public domain. In kasab trial, courts say that he should be given a fair trial( in spite of murder in public view with video proof). The courts appoint SIT to persecute Modi in spite of so many reports of him not involved in any crime.

But, think about the former chief justice of india who is facing many probes viz amassment of wealth, influence etc. He will just go by what the italian maino says.
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