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Homoeopathy and other systems of treatment.

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A Drug is said to act homoeopathically when it is given to cure diseases, having symptoms similar to the physiological effects of that drug. Thus when an emetic like Ipecacunah is given to stop vomiting, a gastro-intestinal irritant like Arsenic as a remedy for cholera, Stramonium for mania, Strychnine for tetanus, opium for constipation, caster oil for diarrhoea, and coffeea for sleeplessness. all in minute doses, they are acting homoeopathically

BIOCHEMIC SYSTEM: They are 12 in number and are called biochemic or tissue remedies.or nutrition remedies. They are inorganic or mineral constituents of the body and its tissues including blood. Besides these inorganic salts , the body is composed of water and organic substances which form the major portion of its bulk, but the inorganic salts are real tissue builders , and the structure and vitality of the body depend to a great extend upon the proper quantity and distribution of these salts in every tissues of the body.

A deficiency ofany one of these salts in the tissues is supposed to cause a disturbance in the normal metabolism.resulting in imperfect absorption,assimilation,and disease.The cure consists in the supply of the salt that is wanting in the tissues.

A drug is said to be used allopathically when there is no direct relationship between the physiological effects of drugs and the phenomena of the disease. . This is made use of by allopaths, in the treatment of ascitits by purgatives, of Hydrothorax by diuretics, and of fever by diaphoretics or purgatives. Here, the bowels, kidneys, and skin are normal in their functional activity, but they are stimulated to increased action,in the hope of releiving the morbid conditions present in some other part of the system.

This method is a round about one, It is useful for temporary and urgent need, provided there is vitality enough in the patient,to withstand the side effects of this medicine.allopathic medicines may cause injury to healthy organs if repeatedly given,causing drug diseases.

A drug is said to act ANTIPATHICALLY , when its physiological effects are directed against the manifestations of the disease on the particular part or organ affected. The use of purgatives for constipation, sedatives like opim and bromide for sleeplessness, Hyoscine and Morphia in labour pains,are instances of using antipathic drugs.These are all of immense use in theurapeutics,at times as palliatives,in some acute temporary disorders.

There is another method EMPHIRIC SYSTEM in which a drug is employed not according to any law or recognised system. but simply it had been stumpled upon by chance and found useful in some morbid conditions.The use of Borax for epilepsy by allopaths, illustrates the emphirical method of employment of drugs.r

PRACTICE OF SURGERY: is that branch of healing art which seeks to cure diseases by surgical operative methods.

PRACTISE OF MEDICINE: Is that branch of healing art, which seeks to cure diseases by drugs and accessary methods other than surgical.

ELETRO THERAPY OR ELECTROPATHY: is the system of treating diseases by means of electricity,like paralysis, weakness of muscules, pain reliever.

HYDROPATHY OR HYDROTHERAPY: employment of water in treating diseases, Hip Bath, Sitz Bath for various diseases, vapour bath for Bright's disease. sponge bath in fever cases and also for many skin diseases.

VACCINE THERAPY: means employment of Vaccines in the treatment of diseased conditions. The term "vaccine" is used to preparations containing disease germs which are dead or devitalised; but as a rule, vaccine consists of dead germs contained in a medium, in which it was cultered or grown. Cholera vaccine, Typhoid vaccine are prepared in this way and are injected subcutaneously as a preventive to those diseases.

AUTO VACCINE: is used by allopaths to cure acne or pimples and for recurring boils.This vaccine is prepared from the pus or other discharges taken from that patient . these are not without their advantages in some cases.

URINE THERAPY: A system of treatment of diseases with one's own urine . Early in the morning he has to catch his urine after leaving the first and last portion of his urine. He has to drink the middle portion of his urine only once per day. Only few supporters are there. Only yoga therapy is supporting this. Our ancient Ayurvedic, sidha and unani system is against this.

OSTEOPATHY: A school of medicine based on the theory that body is a vital organism whose structures and functions are co-ordinate , and that disease is the perversion of either, while its therapeutics are largely manupulative restoration of these abnormalities.

NATUROPATHY: A method of treatment by psychic, nutritional,manupulative or other measures except drugs , surgery, x-ray or radium. The patient has to walk in arugan grass field without chappals in the morning, doing yogasanas and pranayamam, meditation, taking raw fruits and vegetables adding salt, honey, nellikai saaru, lemon, green chillies.Daily enema taking, cleaning eyes, nose with water.
GLAND THERAPY: Organotherapy or organopathy is a system of treatment in which the deficiency of the gland secretion is made up by the administration of an extract of that particular gland substance from a healthy animal like sheep.

VITAMIN THERAPY: Vitamins and minerals are some ingredients in food which exercise an important influence on the metobolism of the body. They are present in minute quantities in our food.in all natural diets. This vitamin deficiency is of two kinds, , the first being the vitamin deficiency in the food itself and the second being the conditional deficiency where there is no real deficiency in diet but the vitamin contents in it are not assimilated.

RADIUM THERAPY: Radium is a white metalic element , and three kinds of rays are emitted from it; viz; alpha, beta and gamma rays. These rays are of use in the treatment of malignant growths, when these are inoperable. In some cases it is also used to destroy any isolated portion of tumor tissue, which might chance to remain after the operation. For keloids,lupus.birth marks and some other chronic skin diseases this is used.Radium is generally used as a salt in tiny glass tubes , or platinum needles,and these are inserted into growths.

X- RAY THERAPY: The most common use of x rays is for diagnostic purposes. Fractures, diseases of bones and joints, the position of the forign bodies in the tissues or in the organs of the body. The x rays or the roentegen rays are produced by passing an electric current through a glass tube in which there is more or less vacuum. Xray is also used as a curative in keloids and pruritus or skin itching. in some cases of exopthalmic goitre and for new growth too. Exposure of the ovarion region to x rays causes sterility in females. This is called Radio therapy.

MAGNETO THERAPY: It is a natural and completely drugless therapy. This external application can be used with any other system of treatment of medicines. It is harmless, safe simple, and economical treatment at home. It is beneficial for all chronic diseases.

In 1939 , Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife developed KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY based on high-frequency electric field which is used to take pictures of a portion of the invisible energy body or the bioplasmic body. Based on the studies of the kirlians, it has been observed that disease first manifests on the bioplasmic body before it appears in the visible physical body. This bioplasmic body is a whole unified organism in itself which acts as a unit , that gives off its own electromagnetic fields in the body.

Emotions, states of mind, and thoughts affects the bioplasmic body, this enegy body has a specific organising pattern that determines the form of the organism. The existance of the bioplasmic channels and centers that corresponds to the meridians and the accupuncture points described in the ancient chineese medicine. The etheric body is the mold or pattern of the visible physical body.

The etherical body has several chakras or etheric whirling centers which absorbes, digests, and distribute prana and is responsible for functioning of the whole body. Prana can be obtained from sunlight, air and trees. The visible physical body and its etheric body are so closely inter related that, what affects one also affects the other. Healing is brought about by removing the diseased etheric matter from the patient's etheric body and by transfering or projecting prana from the healer's etheric body to that of the patient's etheric body.

A strong health aura acts as a protective shield against germs and infections. A lot of sicknesses are caused partially by the malfunctioning of one or more chakras. PRANIC HEALING, REIKI HEALING, ACCUPRESSURE AND ACCU PUNCTURE HEALING are curing the bioplasmic body disorders and the physical body automatically gets cured. ONLY HOMOEOPATHY DRUGS can act in the bioplasmic body and cures the patient before the disease comes to the physical body. Kirlian photo graphy is here in chennai (arumbakkam) One docter is using this to find the aura of the body to find out the disease which is going to come to the physical body.

AYURVEDA AND SIDHA SYSTEMS OF TREATMENT: It is in atharvana vedha and rishis and munivers have written this long back. They have divided into three groups vadham, pitham, and kapam or slathumam.from the puse they are defining that vatham, pitham and kapam. They have divided each herbs as vatham increasing/ decreasing; pitha increasing;/ decreasing and kapam incresing/ decreasing herbs. According to the pulse reading they are giving these herbs and make the three vatha, pitha and kapam in equal proportion.
Mr. Kgopalan,
You have complied a list of treatments, which is good information.
In this age of information, we have overload of information. Sometimes too many choice is not necessarily good. Let us suppose a person has a stroke, what it the best treatment, that is available (should be available). Is there a rational choice?
I guess to an extent it depends on your faith, finance, and availability.
details of homeopathy systems of treatment

A. The medicines are only sugar pills saturated with the particular medicine,and act through nerve endings in the mouth;therefore should be pure and genuine.

B. The medicines keep well for a long time, even for years,without loosing strength,if the corks are tightly fitted to the bottle and away from sun shine.

C The medicines are harmless and not poisonous .Even if a wrong medicine is given at first in place of one indicated, this right medicine can be given after an hour when it is noted the first medicine does not give relief although those pills were wasted . and it is not working on belief basis.

D The dosage is only 1,2,3,pills at a time, whether for baby or adult or animals whether it is cat or elephant and for plants, either given dry on the tongue or dissolved in a teaspoonful of cold water .

E Dosage every 15 minutes in urgent cases or 30 minutes or hourly intervals according to the acuteness of the disease, until improvement begins,after which intervals between doses should be longer until relief.

F Sometimes it is possible , even the right medicine makes the condition a little worse. stop giving next dose until the aggravation subsides and then continue the doses. It will be seen there is some improvement after the aggravation. Stop the doses when there is definite improvement and relief.

G No ointments or any medicine to be rubbed on painful parts externally. since they suppress the disease , though they give temporary relief.

Our body has a very strong defence mechanism , capable of fighting most diseased conditions. when our body suffers from any disease ,body activates its defence system and fights the disease in 2 ways. Give antibiotics or anti viral drugs. These work by killing the bacteria or viruses , in this process, they weaken the body's inherent defence mechanism,

here our body's own army of white cells becomes secondary. It kills the bacteria or virus but does nothing to remove the predisposition of disease and the weakness of immune system, which initially resulted in the establishment of disease process . Instead it weakens it further. paving way to more and frequent diseases.

In homeopathic way the medicine can help the body in overcoming the diseases is to strengthen our body's inherent immune system , and let the body take care of the disease causing agents. Disease is cured very rapidly and effectively, without side effects. AS the immune system is further strengthened . the predisposition to disease forms is overcome and their recurrence prevented.no convalescense period.

All ailments are amenable to homeopathic treatment.. chronic ailments are cured. The only major limiting factors are Gross structural and pathological changes; Very low vitality of the patient; Unavoidable presence of certain causative or maintaining factors.

On many occasions homeopathy makes surgery unnecessary. Where curative treatment is not possible , in some advanced cases palliation with homeo medicines with out, side effects is very effective. In acute ailments the action of rightly well selected homeo remedy works faster than any other medicines.Tendency to chronic and the tendency to frequent attacks of recurence of acute is aborted.

Homeo medicines are given in sub-physiological doses.They work with our immune system and not 'in spite of ' our immune system.cannot cause structural changes. They can be given to infants from the first day itself and to pregnant woman also.Homeopathy medicines seem to act through the neuro-endocrine axis (and limbic system)by working as a stimulus.The work of healing is done by the body itself. Homeo medicines can help to eliminate the toxins in the body.

to be continued

LAW OF SIMILARS; According to this law , the diseases should be treated by the remedies, which have the properties of producing similar symptoms in a healthy person which are observed in the sickness of the patient.

Only those remedies should be used for curative purposes which have been prooved on healthy persons and their action should be known to the physician.

Only a single remedy should be used at a time so that it can manifest its pure action.

The homeopathic remedies should be given in minute doses to avoid aggravation of symptoms in the patient and to bring about brilliant cures.

Selection of the remedy should not be made on the name of a disease , but only on the basis of symptoms exhibited by the patient.

If you have the homeo medicine in liquid form you can take 3 drops of liquid medicine dissolved in 3 teasponnful of water can be taken as one dose. or you can take 2 drops of homeo medicine directly on your tongue.
If you have the homeo medicine in medicated globules one to 8 pills can be taken at a time depending upon the size of the glouble. 5 pills are often taken as one dose for the sake of convenience.
To be continued
SEE how we are taking symptoms to find out homeo remedy to cure chronic diseases.

I am writing here the chronic disease case form . go through them . have ready answers for them.

Name of the patient; age ;sex; address ;phone no; e mail address. height; weight; Frame: slim;,stout ;mdium.

1. present complaint; 2. Family history=; maternal side; asthma;allergy; cancer;heart problem; bp;diabetus; endocrine disturbance; epilepsy; leprosy; TB; sickling;

Paternal side; asthma; allergy; BP; cancer; diabetus; endocrine disturbance; eplepsy; heart attack; TB; leprosy;sickling.

patient; single; married; divorcee; widow.

Occupation ;Mental work; physical work; domestic work;

Addiction; alcohol';tobacco narcotics;cigarette.

Effect of temperature; Intolerance of heat/cold/open air/desire or aversion.

Thirst; Large quantity // small quantity of water to be taken.; thirstlessness;

Appetite; diminished; easy satiety;Increased wanting of food;How much water you are drinking daily.

Desires and aversions to food; Acid; alcoholic;fruits; bread ;butter;cereals; chocolate;cold drinks;eggs;fats;fish; highly seasoned food;ice cream;meat; milk; onion ;; pickles; pastry;potato; salt food;soup;sweets;tea;tomato;tobacco;vegetables;water;

Food that aggravate complaint; Beans; beer; bread; butter; carrot; coffee;cold drink; cold food; eggs; fats; fish; fruit; highly seasoned food; Hot drink; hot food; honey; meat;milk; onion; orangs; pickles pastry; potato;salad; salt food;vegetables; sweets; tea; vinegar;

SWEAT; Quantity; profuse; scanty; suppressed;

Appearance; linen; bloody; brown;green;yellow;red;

In the Parts of the body; In covered parts only; face; head; single part; one sided; right or left.

Odour of sweat; Cadavarous; druglike; egglike; fetid; honey like; musk like; musty; offensive; urinelike;sour;sweetish;

Character of sweat; Bloody; burning; claamy; hot;oily; attracts flies;; staining.

URINE; Quantity; copious; scanty;

ODOUR; Ammoniacal; fishy; horselike; putrid; strong;odourless;

COLOUR; colourless; black; blue; dark brown; dark red; greenish; pale red; white; light yellow; dark yellow; lemon yellow;

NATURE; Acrid; alkaline;thick; watery;

CONTENTS; Bile; bloody; cast; sediment; sugar; gravity increased;

HOW IS YOUR BOWEL movement ;type and regularity;

SLEEP; Character of sleep; Deep; disturbed; Dozzing; Falling asleep; Interupted; restless; short; semi concious; unrefershing; prolong; sleepless before midnight or after midnight;

Position while sleeping; on abdomen;back;sitting;spread apart; arm on overhead; arm under head; right side; left side; either side; impossible;

Salivation during sleep; Snoring during sleep;While sleeping is there startling; jerking; cry; laugh;talk; sleep with windows open;with fan air;feel like you need more or less sleep on waking; do you remember your dreams; are there any themes;Any excess heat or cold you feel at night;How long do you sleep daily;

DESIRE FOR SEX; Aversion; normal; excessive;Any pain or dryness.

DREAMS; Anxious; accident; amourous;anger;cat;dog;horse;battle;business;church; children;confused; crime; danger; dead body; of death; diseased; drowning; events; misfortune;money;murder;pleasant; robbers; snake;unpleasant; water;

APPETITE; foods you desire; foods you crave; what times of the day you generally eat; What are your food aversions;How much coffee and tea you are taking daily;

Are you affected by any weather conditions;What is your favourate season; how do you tolerate heat of summer/cold of winter; How are you in snow; thunderstorms; wind;drafts; change of weather; sea shore dry air/open/closed environment;

Always keep in mind to answer with regard to; when it first happened ; at what part of your body it happensin;how it feels to you; what makes it better or worse;how intense it is;

What major injuries have you had; when; long term effects;

Which vaccinations have you had?

Any immunisations you have received; polio; dpt; mmr; smallpox; chicken pox; tetanus; hepatitis; Any adverse effects from the above;

Any allergies; What exercises do you do and how much.

What medications do you regularly take now;=Antacids; digestive enzymes;BP pills; sedatives;thyroid medicine; painkiller;mega vitamins; laxative; hormone replacement; cortisone; Herbs; Birth control pills etc;


What hospitalisation or surgeries have you had? when; surgery hospital;any complication? Are there any of the preceeding conditions after which you have never been totally well again;or which have been more severe than usual;


Nature of the patient or temporament of the patient:

Cheerful; Anger; avrice; extravagance; Benevolence;Selfishness; Brooding; ecstacy; Carefulness; unobserving; Cautious; heedless; Dwells on past events; Fancies making;

Fastidious; chaotic; courageous; cowardice; Hurried; slow; Godless; religious; Loquacity; Talking indisposition; lascivious; Women aversion; Sympathetic; Unsympathetic;

Time paases slowly; Time passes quickly; Concentration active; concentration difficult;

Abusive; Miswchivous; deceitful; contradict;Intolerance;cruelty; Dictatorial; Frivolus;Obstinate; Haughty;Irritability; Supersitious; suspicious;suicidal disposition; Jealosy; untruthful,

What exactly do you feel when you are at youe worst? What other physical sufferings do you have in your body? When did it all start;Can you connect it to any past event or disease? Which time of day you are worst?

What are the things which aggravate your symptoms?and which ameliorate the same; Do you think your sufferings have relation to any external stimuli ;(like change of place) or any internal biological changes in the body.

Do you like being consoled during your tough times?Describe your mental set up; Are you moody; arrogant;mild;agreeable;changable;Nervous; suspicious;Easily offended; quiet;arguing; Irritating; lazy etc;

Are you sensitive to external stimuli like smell ;noise;light;etc; What are your fears; How do you feel about your friends;family; your children;your husband/wife/ Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting;causeless weeping; talking to oneself etc?

details of homeopathy systems of treatment only for in addition to the above :

OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER; (Physical activity of the patient)

Biting; dancing; destructiveness;embracesses;Jumping;kicks;Kisses everyone;Meditation; muttering; praying;playful;shrieking;sits inclination;;singing ;;walking in sleep;spiting;stricking;talking in sleep;talks to himself;threatening;tearthings;Throws things away;verses making;whistling;washing hands;

Desire habit of the patient; desire for Entertainment; bed;business;consolation;death; flattery;to set things on fire;to talk;to kill;for light;;mental work; money; breaking things; for company; for closing eyes;alcohol;fight;stealing; hide things;to get naked;for travelling;for writing.

Aversion habit of the patient; aversion for entertainment; bed;businesss;consolation;talking;mental work;to being approached;to black color;children;eating;horrible things;jesting; reading;for spoken; to touch;thinking;travelling;writing;to company;to husband;friend;to society;to sit; to red color;
only for Rheumatism case form

rheumatism details in addition to the above; single joint; multiple joint; Entire hand; forearm;shoulder;elbow;wrist;finger; Entire leg; hip;knee; foot;ankle;toe; Entire back; cervical;scapulae; thoracic; lumbar;sacrum;coccyx;

Appearance; Arthritic; nodosities; caries of bone; discoloration; dryness of skin; emaciation;stiffness; swelling;trembling;

Sensation; coldness; compression;constriction; contraction;inflammation;formication;heat;heaviness; numbness;

Character of pain; aching;boring;burning;cutting;drawing;gnawing;pres sing;stitching;piercing;tearing;lacerating; shooting;sore bruised;shifting pain.
Modality: Time; morning;daytime;afternoon; evening;night; worse/relieved by heat; Worse /releived by cold; worse/ releived by pressure. worse/releived by motion/exercise.

Additional information; (a)Sneezing; Time morning;evening;afternoon; night;day time Duration; chronic;constant; frequent; violent; periodical;
(B) coryza discharge color; Bloody; Brownish; clear grey; greenish ;watery; white; yelow.

(C) Character of discharge BUrning; excoriating;dry; hard; hot;offence; thick;thin;. (D) Nose block: while sleeping; in open air; in closed room;

(E ) Allergic Bronchitis; cough-time: morning;daytime;afternoon; evening;night; (F) Character of cough: Barking; croupy; deep;dry;hacking;hollow;loose;paradoximal;racking; rattling;spasmodic;suffocative;tickling;violent;whooping;
(G) Modality; open air; bathing;cold application; change of weather; (H) Sputum discharge; colour-Bloody; brownish;gelatinous;grey;greenish;milky;transparent;watery; yellow;(I) Character of sputum=Acrid;lumpy;mucus;dryhard;thick;thin;tough; viscid;

(J) Odour of sputum Fetid; offensive;sour; (K) REspiration; Anxious; Arrested; Asphyxia;ASthmatic;Deep; Difficult;Intermitent; Irregulor;loud;moaning;rattling;slow;sighing;wheezing; whistling;

GYNAECOLOGICAL DISEASE CASE FORM; in addition to the above

Menses; onset=Early menarchy; delayed menarche;

Quantity copious; scanty;short duration; INTERVAL Frequent; intermittent;Irregular; Late.

CHARACTER ; Acrid; bloody;mucus;changeable; clotted; membranous; Offensive; Tenacious; thick;thin.

COLOUR Black; dark;brown; bright red;pale; pitch like;

MODALITY; Suppressed menses; Amelioration of the complaint; Aggravation of all complaints;


QUANTITY; copious;thick;thin; CHARACTER ACrid;Bland;Burning; Offensive; purulent;;

colour: Albuminous; black;bloody;bluish;brown;creamlike;dark;greenish; jelly like; starchlike;milky;Transparent;white;yellow;

These things are additional information besides the previous pages; For chronic cases these symptoms are required to find out the correct medicine.

To be continued
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