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History : The Red Fort

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.... there is nothing wrong in trying to know what actually happend in our country. there is no need to get all shaky and jittery with talks about minority appeasement and secularism ... just as computers can be a person's interest , so can history ... and those who wish to question and critically examine the history handed over to them by vested interests should expect heat and scorn ..... have we not seen this with the aryan invasion theory and the amazing efforts hindus put in to de-bunk it totally and prove its ulterior motive of divide and rule by the british ? it is not wise to ignore the past especially the ghosts of the past .... it is ok to doubt and ask questions ... afterall isnt that what a student does?

now lets get to know somemore about the history of the red-fort ....

Dear V.V,

I think you should have posted this in 'Taj Mahal thread', instead of opening an exclusive one..
Not open for further replies.

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