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History for sale - Indus valley heritage site.

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Unknown to most of us, the largest Indus Valley Civilisation site in India has just made it to Asia's 10 most endangered list. Can the famous heritage site still be saved?

Can the villagers be asked to give up the traditional use of land around their habitation. An expert on the subject who wishes to remain anonymous says that despite limitations, it is possible to protect the interests of both the heritage and the villagers, only if there is a will.

Until that happens, Rakhigarhi will continue to be raided and mauled, often sold away in little bits to foreigners and Indians by eager villagers who neither understand what they are doing nor care.

About 150 kilometres from Delhi in Hisar district of Haryana, Rakhigarhi is located on the dried bed of Saraswati-Drishadvati rivers First major excavation at Rakhigarhi was carried out for three winters in 1997-1999 by a team led by Amarendra Nath Spread over an area of approximately 130 hectares, it is the largest Indus Valley Civilisation site in the country Two levels of Early (3500 BC- 2600 BC) and Mature Harappan (2600 BC -1800 BC) civilization have been found at Rakhigarhi. Both the phases have yielded a rich haul of artifacts It is a necropolis which has yielded burials, important for the study of any civilization. The ASI has located only one other burial site, at Kalibanga, under Saraswati-Drishadvati project.

The Times of India - Indian Newspapers in English Language from six editions.
Recently I visited Maxico . The remains of 'MAAYAN CIVILISATION " have been so well preserved that nobody dare to touch them , leave alone vandalizing.

Alas this is not Maxico , nor USA.
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