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Hiranya Shradham

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I am in Australia and intend to go back to Bangalore to do my Father's first annual ceremony.
I have had conflicting information from the vadhyars on the oonam and masyam done here in Australia .
The Vadhyar in Bangalore says all that is not valid , as I have crossed the sea and done it in a foreign land and I need to feed 16 Brahmins in Bangalore , as part of the final oonam, prior to the Varsha Karyam.
However, the vadhyar here in Australia says feeding the 16 Brahmins is akin to calling them back from pitruloka and it is not correct to call them again.... Who is right? I am totally confused!

helo this is prabhakaran from pune india 09822252492.
the answer to your query can be obtained from brahmashri vaidyanatha deekshithar chenai.044.24954446 or from his son rajagopola ganapadigal who publishes a book vaideega shri.

However i would like to say some thing as a common man

Shradai is important and shraradam dis derived out of this which indicates tht any thing done with shradai is acceptrable to pitrus.

You are aware that we always refer to prithvi tht is earth. Water is one of the panch bootham whether it is in form of sea or in form of river .water is not confined only to certain reagion it is spread all over the world. so one has to accept the reality that going beyond see is not a taboo for doing religious rites. Wherever you do the religious rites in India or beyond a palce outside Inida, it is acceptable to god.

The great saint viveka nantdah went beyond sea topreach Hinduism.
It is the mind set of certain brahmins who looknarowly and resstrict themselves to self drawn proceadurs rather than what is in reality.

Number does'nt mater, it is the feeding which mattes. You fed a hungry person it is aceptable to any sould. A prson who is hungry when fed blesses you by hearat and that is important. The number is not important

even Ramar crossed the river nd went to Sri lankaDont we accept him as God.

So please be strong in your mind and do what you feel right with devotion. No soul will say that i will not come to Australia or Americal and i will remain only in Inida. Infact the great puranas say that there is no barier of boundraires for soul.

Such confusions are created by human and they are with vested interst. so Please don't get confused on things onwhich you may nevr getr a two concrete opinon from any body.

Do things with devotionand shradai. and that is the best.


Prabhakaran - a poetic name.

Could you please check with Sri Rajagopala ganapadigal whom you referred, on the acceptability of shrardam done overseas. Keep in mind he is a devout follower of scriptures and a pandit.

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