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Hindus to wake up wihout delay

Venky adi

ஸ்டாலினை கேட்க தைரியம் இருக்கா? | Gayathri Raguram vs Madhan Ravichandran | Sathurangam Ep10



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Is there a way to stop it?
Can it be defamation?
Yes, we can kick them out by not voting for them.


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‘Bid to portray DMK as anti-Hindu mischievous’

Alleging that there was a deliberate attempt by a section of his opponents to project the DMK as anti-God and anti-Hindu, party president M.K. Stalin on Sunday said that those who could not face the socio-economic and political ideas of the DMK were indulging in the mischievous campaign. Insisting that the BJP was a non-entity in Tamil Nadu’s politics, he said the DMK would work against the idea of one nation, one party and one-man rule of Narendra Modi. Excerpts from an interview:

You took a stand on God in the party’s general council for the first time. Was it because you feel that it is difficult to run a campaign against God and religion, especially after the BJP’s growth?

I would like to give a detailed reply. Anna proclaimed that there was “one God and one race”. He also said, “I would not break Pillaiyar, nor will I break coconut for him.” Kalaignar had reiterated this point many times. But a section is deliberately suppressing these facts and seeking to portray us as atheist and anti-Hindu. Kalaignar always had a non-partisan approach. He was not against faith in God or in religion (as his actions in government would prove). When I spoke about God, I kept in mind the ideas of Anna and Kalaignar. Contrary to your assumption, the DMK has never preached against God and religion.

Those who could not directly face the socio-economic and political ideas of the DMK are indulging in a mischievous campaign to portray the DMK as anti-God and anti-Hindu. The DMK has campaigned against those who propagate communalism and fundamentalism with a view to destroying pluralism and communal harmony and those who seek to divide the nation. It will do the same in the future also. I can only laugh at your suggestion that the BJP has grown. You ask neutral people to find out whether it is growing or declining.

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