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Hindus are naive, apathetic; they lack national character and spirit

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This article by g c sharma on hindu apathy in india tribune. Some excerpts for the benefit of hindus; seculars can give it a wide berth as it is not palatable. psecs will find it offensive. link at the end for the full article.

"Hindus show utter apathy when it comes to actual karma, in spite of constant references to scriptures and exposure to sermons. Hindu tendency is to act individualistically. Apathy becomes even more visible when dealing with people of other religions, missionaries, terrorists, and their agendas resulting in demographic manipulations to change India’s national character, as well as Hindu destiny. As a consequence, Hindus are stereotyped as meek, weak, coward, gullible and never a “force.”

"This “sitting duck” syndrome is pervasive in most countries where Hindus have settled, whether Jersey City in the USA, Suva in Fiji, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Sindh in Pakistan, or Aligarh in India.

" In the case of Hindus of Bharatvarsha, its history has been written, dictated, edited, and marketed by other than Hindus, whose agenda has always been seeking total control, monopoly and intolerance for differences.

"Compare Hindu behavior with Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, British, Israelis, and Pakistanis, but only the Hindu apathy wins the distinction. The irony is we do not see the ground realities, Muslims have 56 countries, Christians 7, Jews 1, however, Hindus still have no country to call home.

" Ironically Abrahamnic religions believe in converting, violence, and Jihad to seek a religious monopoly. Hindus naivety and one-sided idealism leaves them vulnerable incapable to confront reality, adversity, and danger.

"The opposite of apathy is action, resilience, determination, direction, pride and clarity of thinking. Knowing one’s place in the scheme of life, and being an important player in the worldly drama is not a luxury but a necessity.

Hindus are naive, apathetic; they lack national character and spirit
I partly agree.PLease read Dr.Swamy's book "Hinduism under siege".It covers more details.But hindu spiritual leaders differ this thought because lokos liek the purpose of Hinduism for self elevation.That is the starting point for harmony in this society.But if someone sees that as naive & cowardness it should be dealt with more awareness excercises.One simple way is to be a good person by following what is being taught to us.The mouth spread & media can do wonders...It's high time before we get extinct we self respect our nation with rich cultare & preseve the culture while we appreciate & adapt to any foriegn .....
Hindus are the most tolerant people in the world when it comes to attacks on their religion, culture and tradition...

We are the least cohesive group amongst all religions...

We are good in discussions..Hardly ever do we reach a consensus...

Also we dislike in name of democracy agreeing to a diktat...

We are the most diverse group and get divided by ethnicity, caste and language...

We also get easily distracted by mundane things...

But the irony is 90% of the Hindus are deeply religious and worship Gods & pray in temples...What a dichotomy!
Let it be that other religions may so many countries to be called their own, but all the people irrespective of their religion get the ultimate peace at heart only in this Karma Bhoomi... the land where, Rama, Krishna, and countless great maharishis , Gnani's, and Gurus walked and are still walking. You will not his mental peace anywhere in the world. I want to be born again & again in this Karma Bhoomi...Blessed are we.. Look at the plight of the 56 & 7 & other countless & theri sufferings. We do have sufferings , still we have that eternal peace for which these countries long for. This Mr.Sharma can do his cricticism of us only.. let him try out his writings on others countries or people, and then we can see.
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