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Hindus’ Future Predictions - Part 1

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time travel.jpg

My friends get annoyed whenever I say, “it is already said in our Hindu scriptures”, interrupting their scientific discussions. One of my friends became very bold and challenged me one day in front of everyone. “Look, if we say Darwin gave us Theory of Evolution, you say it is already in our Dasavatar starting from fish and finishing with a super man Kalki avatar, if we say that Copernicus said that the earth was round you say that is already there in the books of Aryabhatta and Varahamihira, if we say that Columbus discovered America, you say that Hindus welcomed him when he landed there, Right, I accept you invented or discovered Chess, Zero, Algebra, many theorems and the Arabic numerals. Now tell me what your Hindus have already discovered, but the world is yet to discover them”. This challenge gave me the shock of my life. I asked him for a week’s time and found out some interesting things. Read the following:

1. Venus and Rain: Tamil literature and Sanskrit literature associate Venus with the rains. Astronomers and meteorologists will discover that Venus has a link with the rains in future. If Venus goes towards south, the world will have a drought (going south is an astrological jargon to denote appearing towards south). The Vedas and Tamil literature talk about twelve year long droughts. So the scientists will find out that the position of Venus has an impact on world’s weather.

2. We know that the sun has a big role in the growth of plants. We read plants make food by photosynthesis using sun light. But Sanskrit literature is very clear and loud in saying moon’s rays give energy to the plants. So biologists will find out soon the link between the moon and the plants. But Hindus never denied Sun’s role.

3. Sanskrit Navagraha Stotras (hymns on nine heavenly bodies) gives the relationship between the planets. Hindus have already found out that Jupiter is the largest and heaviest planet and named it GURU appropriately. Guru means leader, teacher and heavy in Sanskrit. Mars is called Red planet by Tamil and Sanskrit poets. Mars is already confirmed red by scientists. Mars is called Bhumi Puthra/ son of earth. Scientists also believe Mars may have water and life.

4. Saturn is called a black planet by Sangam Tamil poets and Sanskrit poets (Maim meen in Tamil and Neela in Sanskrit). Saturn will be confirmed black by scientists in future. It is also called chaya puthra (son of shadow as well as son of sun). Hindus said that Saturn has a son called Manthi. It corresponds to the ring (Mantle) around it.

5. Planet Mercury is called “son of moon”. Science is yet to prove the link between the two heavenly bodies. Probably mercury came into existence because of moon. When moon or/ and another body collided with earth mercury might have born. Science will prove Hindus are right about mercury .

6. Venus is described as the “son of sun”. Scientists will prove the link between the sun and Venus. We already know that Venus is the brightest object in the sky next to sun and moon. It is always with the sun (it can be seen either at dawn or at sunset).

7. Aliens in Hindu scriptures: Hindus describe the alien (E.T.) features very clearly 1. Aliens can’t have sex or give birth in their world. If they want to have sex or give birth they have to come to earth. 2. They don’t perspire 3. Their feet won’t touch the earth/ always floating 4. They don’t wink 5. They can travel to earth and go back to their world. 6. They are happy and they don’t need to eat.7. Their garlands never wither away 8. They always shine like dazzling lights. Whenever Hindus describe about Indra’s visit to earth they say the whole area was shining like sun. Even Madurai city was founded when a businessman was crossing the forest of Katampa trees in the middle of night watched Indra doing Puja shining brilliantly at the dead of night. Scientists will find a place like heaven soon or confirm the existence of such a place in the universe.

8. Futurology: Before the scientists and Nostradamus predicted the future, Mahabharata (vanaparvam) and Bhavishya Purana described what will happen at the end of Kaliyuga. The description was similar to the Nuclear winter. We realised it only when we watched the film “The Day After”.
narada muni2.jpg

9. Concept of Time: Hindu concept of time is completely different from the western concept of time. Hindus believe that they can get out of time and watch it from the top of Time mountain. They can be part of it or get out and travel back and forth. But very rarely they interfere in it. (read my article Time Travel by Two Tamil Saints). I don’t say that Einstein is wrong. But we know a way (Time warps) to get out of time and travel between three worlds (Heavenly singer Narada is called Triloka Sanjari/one who travels between three worlds. Here three worlds may mean present, past, future).

10. Brahmastra & Nuclear weapon: Hindus can produce weapons by mantras (spells). These weapons are similar to nuclear weapons but sound based. They knew the power of water (Hydrogen and Oxygen). Whether it is a curse or boon they always use water along with the mantra.(please read my article Is Brahmastra a Nuclear Weapon? and Do Word Have Power? The Science of curses and boons.)

11. When the first nuclear device exploded in 1945 ,Father of the Atomic bomb J.Robert Oppenheimer, an American physicist, burst in to a Bhagavad Gita sloka(Chapter 11,verse 32) where Krishna says ,” Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of worlds”. He said these words after witnessing a huge fire ball that brightened the sky for many miles producing huge mushroom cloud. Now the chapter 11 fits very well with the description of Black Holes. Nothing is destroyed but they come back (in time) is the message given by Krishna. Scientists will slowly come to that conclusion about Black Holes.

Please go to PART –2
loud in saying moon’s rays

Are you saying that moon produces light? There is nothing called moon's ray, it is reflected sunlight from moon.

Mars is called Bhumi Puthra/ son of earth.

Are you saying that Mars was created from Earth?
That is not the present assumption of astronomers.

We already know that Venus is the brightest object in the sky

Venus is a planet. The reflected sunlight makes it the brightest.

Mr. Swaminathan,
You have a fanciful mind, and a gift of gab.
What you write is total gibberish, It is neither original nor factual.
I hope you are not in academic field, and hope you are not falling into a trap set by your friends to confirm you as ready for a padded cell.
Dear Mr Prasad,

I am a science student and an amateur astronomer. I watch Patrick Moor's Sky at Night regularly on BBC.
I know all the astronomical facts. I update my knowledge by reading New Scientist, Scientific American, National Geographical Magazine, Nature and Astronomy magazines regularly. Though I did not subscribe to all these magazines I get them from the library. What I say is "all the facts in our Navagraha Stotras will be proved by scientists in course of time". Whether you are right or I am right will be proved by time. I am teaching languages at the University of London.

The facts are not facts in Today's science books, but they will be the facts in future science books. Twenty five years ago when I came to London I started watching BBC's Tomorrows World. What they predicted would happen never happened. But what they did not predict happened--Internet, You Tube, Mobile Revolution, Optical Fibres, Particle Physics, God's particle, Ipad, Ipod, Laptop, Wall TV etc.

No one is God. I may not be 100 percent right. No one can say what is going to happen in the next fifty years. I am trying to explain what is said in Navagraha Stotras and Hindu scriptures. You may post another article saying whatever said in Mahabharata, Navagraha Stotras,Tamil literature and Sanskrit literature is rubbish. You have every right to do like me.I don't deny that you can write comments on mine as well.
Please keep writing.
Not open for further replies.

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