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Hinduism vs. Rest - III

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sirs- apologists are arguing that tough laws could be misused by police and innocents would be harassed. but in the absence of tough laws, police are forced to resort to third degree methods to extract confessions from the accuseds! because since courts would grant bail to the accuseds , the accuseds do not have any fear when they are in police custody. if the police are guaranteed that no accused will be given bail for a certain period of time, the accused feels the pressure, the isolation and makes some confessions, based on which police are able to recover arms, ammunitions, weapons, bombs, money, material and also arrest many persons. even if the accused is not punished in the end, the recovery of arms do prevent many terrorist acts from taking place. but in the absence of tough laws, the hands of police are tied and they are forced to resort to fake encounters, third degree methods to deal with the accused.

2. An U.S. Warship called NIMITZ has landed in chennai on the invitation of indian govt. the communists are wailing, breastbeating and lamenting opposing this! but when china declared arunachal pradesh as part of india, why did the entire system of these progressives- from top to bottom , from front to back shut down without even a token protest?
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sirs-but the government has to lookafter the people's welfare right??why the people doesnot oppose the government for all these things?Does it have the rights to rise its voice against the hopeless government?
In point of view,the people of TN dt even know the basic laws..
sirs- viju you are right. not only people of t.nadu, even people of india are unaware of their basic rights. public memory is short. that is why the karunanidhi, who opposed a woman candidate for indian presidentship and supported a bjp candidate in 2002, not takes a u turn , supports a woman candidate and opposes the BJP candidate! and he claims credit for both! he says he was instrumental in making kalam president in 2002, and prathiba in 2007! he also proclaims himself as a champion of women's rights, though he was foremost in opposing the women candidate called lakshmi sehgal in 2002!

No democracy in the world will have so much support for communists as in india. a party which opposed india's freedom movement, a party which supported partitioning of india on religious basis (and this party says it does not believe in god, though it supported formation of pakistan!), a party which supported chinese aggression on india in 1962, is today the darling of english channels, newspapers & 'secularists'. these 'progressives' have even distorted the vedas in history text books. for these intellects, moghul rule was the golden period of india! auragezeb was the most tolerant monarch in the whole universe! and vedas sanctioned killing of animals! vedas never santioned killing of live animals, only the flesh of dead animals is said to have been consumed, that too only by non bramins during a part of vedic period. kshatriyas & vaishyas were allowed to eat meat & beef, though animal killing was banned. the word 'aryan' also denotes kshatriyas & vaishyas since they were also part of 'dwija' i.e. twice born castes, which means castes which were allowed to sport sacred thread.
though these progressives misquote vedas and say that even bramins ate meat during vedic period, they do not highlight how vedas proclaim the greatness of hindu gods. so vedas should be believed if someone says they sanctioned meat eating, but otherwise vedas are obscurantist! but bible & quran are highly progressive! still these intellects will not convert to other religions, but remain in hinduism, though they call it a backward religion!

there is a caste called Bania in north india,a business community. gandhiji was a bania himself. in t.nadu there is a caste called vanniar. now since Bania & Vanniar look similar in pronouncement, these progressive could one day 'discover' that Banias were descendants of Vanniars who went to north india for business!
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sirs- the rajiv gandhi govt. passed a law banning the orthodox hindu practice of offering and receving dowry during marriages. but the islamic practice of the boys' side offering dowry and girls' side receiving it, has not been banned till date! is this not double standards?

when indira gandhi was assassinated, riots broke out in delhi, and many congressmen were accused of killing innocent sikhs. the rajiv virtually justified this killings by saying 'when a big tree falls,there are bound to be repercussions!'. but still rajiv gandhi is called 'secular'! whereas Mr. narendra modi who said that the gujarat riots were in response to kiliing of hindus in godhra rail carnage is 'communal'! the islamic network is very strong, international and is flush with funds, whereas the sikh & Hindu network are relatively poorer, and so the reach of hindu & sikh networks in india is not that deep, and that probably explains why rajiv gandhi managed to go scot free inspite of the fact that so many innocents were roasted alive allegedly by his own partymen when he was primeminister.
sirs= english newspapers & channels always say BJP is fascist & communal. but after so many years of BJP rule at central & state level, census reports show, populaton of muslims in india is increasing at a rate which is not only more than population growth rate of other religions including hindus, but also well above natonal average!

We all know how pakistan's intelligence wing, ISI has been sponsoring terrorism & violence in india. but i think ISI missed a golden opportunity in india when J.M.Lyngdoh was chief election commissioner. By postponing & delaying elections to assembles & parliament on silly pretexts, Lyngdoh ensured that governance came to a standstill in many places of india, adminstration was paralysed and economic progress halted. Had ISI sponsored him, not necessarily by bribing him, but by say instituting a prize in the name of Jinnah for excellence in secularism and awarding it to Lyngdoh, then it would have been a very big source of encouragement for the fellow who would have continued with his dubious hatred of elections and may well have ensured that even his successors follow his notoriously anti democratic path.

The ISI should also perhaps encourage so called stalinist historians belonging to communist parties in india, who are fanning more hatred amongst various communities in india, by their brand of history which is potraying bramins as barbarians, HIndus as fascists and muslims as most tolerant! if children & students get more & more exposed to this stalinist brand which is now the norm in all category of history text books in india, they will develop an inferiority complex that india &hinduism are the worst in the world in all ways! If ISI funds these fellows in whatever way possible, it may well ensure total stalinisation of indian history, the effects of which will be more effective and very much cheaper than the ISI Sponsored terrorist activities in india.
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sirs- all the bramins were priestly persons once. so it is unlikely they would have invaded india from a foreign territory and defeated the dravidians, who were warriors. how can the priestly class defeat the warriors? this clearly shows aryan invasion theory is a myth. or were the aryans who invaded india were non bramin upper castes like kshatriyas, who were powerful warriors by nature?

in fact,without help of various kings, most of whom were non bramins, bramins could never have enforced untouchability on lower castes, as bramins never had administrative power to enforce anything on anybody outside temples. bramins had independent authority only inside temples, and so it were non bramin upper castes like kshatriyas who were powerful enough to practice untouchability outside temples.

ofcourse, after islamic invasion, many temples were destroyed, the grants from many kings were totally stopped and so bramins had to search for jobs outside temples. thus the restrictions on bramins like ban on crossing shores became irrelevant after the islamic invasion of india.
sirs- 'elections' were held to various co-operatives all over t.nadu. the AIADMK & MDMK boycotted these elections. there were clashes between DMK & its alliance partners in many places. in many other places there were clashes between DMK partymen themselves! the problem is the authorities and police did not allow anybody apart from DMK nominees to contest. The PMK openly expressed its displeasure. Jayalalitha said if Dr. Ramadoss comes to AIADMK alliance, he will be treated with 'honour' & 'respect'. with dysentry emerging in his bowels, under panic, to appease the angered PMK, the yelow shawist karunanidhi has cancelled all the elections conducted so far! so fresh elections will have to be conducted again, and whatever tax payers' money was spent on these elections so far- all have gone waste!
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