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Hindu Web Site - Translations of Hindu scriptures

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thanks for the link sir...one link in that provides info on krishna as a historical character: http://www.hinduwebsite.com/history/krishna.asp

considering that krishna was of non-vedic origin, a cow herd and sans ritualism as mentioned in the link, am also wondering abt the use of navaneeta chora as one of krishna's names...chora some say became chola...cud this be one indication that krishna was from those ayarpatis, the kind mentioned in silapatikaram ??...

but ofcourse not of current tamil regions...but instead criss-crossing across hastinapur in the north to dwarka in the west (gujarat is pancha-dravida region)..to where?? the cholas also wore the insignia of the moon on their forehead, the small U kind of line which when extended wud look like a namam...
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