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Hindu temples in Vietnam

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VietNamNet Bridge – No one knows exactly when the Indian goddess temple called Mariamman Temple was built in HCMC, but people there say it was first erected in the late 19th century by traders from Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. The main goddess of this temple is the Hindu goddess Mariamman, the main South Indian mother goddess who is predominant in most rural areas of Tamil Nadu and other southern states of this countr
english.vietnamnet.vn VietNamNet - News - eNewspaper

taken from facebook by Global Organization of Hindus..
Vietnam had lot of Tamilians in the past. Karaikudi Chettiar community migrated to vietnam for trading purposes.

One of my own friend who has migrated from Vietnam after the war broke out got compensation from Vietnam government after the civilian government took over.

Cambodia has a huge ancient Hindu temple.

cambodia Hindu temple - Google Search

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since vietnam was french ruled, there was also a large contingent of french tamils from pondicherry living there.

these folks all moved back to pondy, or to france after 1954 when vietnam got independence. i had a couple of them as my class mates in madras in my school. they lived in madras but with french passports.
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