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Highness of sanskrit & hinduism

  • Thread starter Vaithiyanathan A
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Vaithiyanathan A

Dear Friends,

Today only i saw this website & registered into this to share my ideas & views about the Highness of Sanskrit & Hinduism.

In one of the article "Rewriting Indian History - Hindu Timeline" in the website”tamilnation.org”, I’d gone through the following lines"

[ "Max Muller is the primary evangelist of another, more invidious, dogma imposed on Hindu history: the "Aryan invasion" theory".
Although lacking supporting scientific evidence, this theory, and the alleged Aryan-Dravidian racial split, was accepted and promulgated as fact for three main reasons. It provided a convenient precedent for Christian British subjugation of India. It reconciled ancient Indian civilization and religious scripture with the 4000 bce Biblical date of Creation. It created division and conflict between the peoples of India, making them vulnerable to conversion by Christian missionaries. Scholars today of both East and West believe the Rig Veda people who called themselves Aryan were indigenous to India, and there never was an Aryan invasion. The languages of India have been shown to share common ancestry in ancient Sanskrit and Tamil. Even these two apparently unrelated languages, according to current "super-family" research, have a common origin: an ancient language dubbed Nostratic. ]

You may have certain questions listed below, for which you are searching answers for a long time. You can get some ideas for your answers by citing to the website "encyclopediaofauthentichinduism.org", Now, the questions are listed below:

1) When did the first human civilization start?
2) What was the first language of the world?
3) How did the concept of the word ‘god’ originate in the West?
4) What is the true definition of God?
5) What is a myth, and why so many myths of different cultures have similar stories?
6) What is the mystery behind the supernatural happenings described in the Puranas and the Upnishads?
7) How was the universe created?
8) What are the mistakes in the evolution theory?
9) How does the Hindu religion and Hindu scriptures remain unchanged throughout the ages?
10) What is the age of the Vedas and the Puranas?
11) What is the historical value of the Harrapan civilization?
12) Who originally mistranslated the Vedas and why?
13) Who mutilated the history and derogated the religion of India and why?
14) How did the Asiatic Society mislead the whole world?
15) How do the books and encyclopedias on Hindu religion portray a wrong image of Hinduism?
16) How to determine the eternal Divine authenticity of Bhartiya scriptures?
17) What is the prime theme of the Upnishads?
18) What is the true path to God?
19) What is the theme of the most talked about scripture “Brahm Sutra” in a nutshell?
20) What is the essence of the Gita and the Bhagwatam?
21) What are the indications of a true devotee of God?

At last it is clear now, that the Englishmen is one who has created all those stupid stories like Aryan-invasion theory just to suppress the growth of Hindustan (India). In other hand, we are habituated in accepting whatever the teachings and lectures spelled out by other nations especially European/ American, instead of finding truth by real analysis and Practical thinking by using our own mind. At least from now on, we shall take an oath that we never give up our dignity and will never refuse to accept the knowledge present in our Sanskrit Vedic hymns.

I can personally give you one example for the Greatness of Sanskrit Vedic scripts:
* It is scientifically proven and accepted that each and every entity present in this world is having its own natural frequency, which tend to react and vibrate if matches with the sound of same frequency, irrespective of distance. One popular example for this is: “If the sound was produced in a particular frequency which is matching with the natural frequency of Glass, then the Glass will burst provided the vibration persists for some time period ". Now let us come to our subject about vedic hymns. Now, let us apply the same formula for a person whom we are now assuming to be having some disease (for e.g.:- stomach pain). The person started chanting the respective mantra given in veda, upanishad or any puranas written in holy sanskrit for that specific disease. Now, he is said to be in a vibration state, which in turn creates a spiritual force inside his body getting communicated with the celestial abode of the deity. Such spiritual force of vibration will act as a anti-biotic force against the disease causing substance and will ultimately heal the same (provided the mantra is chanted without err in its pronunciation and with the sincerity to god). This formula is not only associated with healing the disease but for everything. When i said everything means, it is infinite and for each and everything until immortality like sitthars still residing in and around Arunachaleswara temple in tiruvannamalai. Refer "the power of mantras” in Youtube for further knowledge on mantras and its vibrations.

Time came for us to awaken ourself to enjoy the new dimension of thinking. Enough of having fear and perspiration to the new perception. Let us expose ourself to enjoy the adventure of life and experiencing Divinest vision. There is one saying " Ships are safe in harbour, But that is not what ships are for ". We should made this into a new Revolution.

Please feel free to contact me at any time for any doubts substantive to this subject.

With regards,
Vaithiyanathan. A
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