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I thought I will wait to see whether someone answers your question.

Gurukkal are considered to be part of Smarthas. They are part of Vadama sub sect. They are also considered to be pure Saivas. The smarthas were originally divided into Smartha Saivas, Smartha Vaishnavas and Smartha Sakthas. But this division has been forgotten. Gurukkal are Smartha Saivas.

Marriages between Gurukkal and Smarthas are not prohibited. As I said earlier many Gurukkal families who are no longer Archakas give their sub sect as Vadama. A number of marriages have taken place between Gurukkal and Samrthas. The number is not very high since the number of Gurukkal families is limited when compared to other sects.

To repeat there is absolutely no injunction whatsoever in any of the Sasthras or any other scripture against a marriage between Gurukkal and Smarthas.
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