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Here is a new website

Not open for further replies.
thsi site is not opening up despite efforts many times. Any way the third eye and occult things etc etc are they all subjects one is supposed to focus. I don't know to me they are bit scary informations just by names itself.

when opening up a thread with a link, it would be beneficial to give a brief explanation to what the site is about.

also why you are recommending this site, ie from what angle?

please do so in the future.

thank you.

there are countless sites like this.

one should be careful about such sites. the most basic reason, is that these sites infest the browsers with viruses.

the range of severity only goes up from thereon .. right from sending spyware to get all the info on your p.c. ... to playing games with your mind.

as they say, 'caveat emptor' aka 'buyer beware'.
New sites

Yes it is true
One should give the name of the site
and also the what is the site about
and why it is being recommended.

The tate of one need not be the same
of others. Hence a brief description
must be given while introducing the same

The moderator must take note of this and
any vauge recommendations must be censored.

6.44pm ist
Not open for further replies.

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