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Help please-Guidelines for No Sugar, no Salt Patthiya Diet!

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I'm going to take No Sugar, No Salt Patthiya diet and have no idea about it. Can anyone please tell the moral and ethical guidelines for this? I have couple of doubts like can we eat Dates and nuts during those period and also do we need to avoid honey?

Thanks a lot in advance.


BTW is Pattiya diet some post partum(delivery) diet?
If it is then give me you age,health status, your daily dietary intake prior to this diet change and I can guide you medically.

Being without sugar is not too hard..I myself dont even buy white sugar at home cos fruits,grains,dates,carbohydrates etc do come with fructose/maltose which finally breaks down to glucose.

Going low on salt is a bit tricky..cos too low sodium levels can be detrimental to health .
Symptoms of low sodium are muscular cramps,mental confusion,hallucinations,nausea,headache and can even be fatal.

So far as a doctor..I have seen those who practice lots of restriction of diet during confinement somehow always land up with slow recovery and weight gain.

My advise is eat a well balanced diet..keep sugar intake less but eat good amount of whole grains like unpolished rice,milk,fruits,increase amount of ginger in food and drink lots of water and use less oil in food.Nuts in moderate quantities should not be a problem.
Honey is a rich source of fructose..use sparingly.
You can make soups with vegetables and some macaroni.
Tomatoes and celery are rich in sodium(salt)..so you can use less salt if you are using lots of tomatoes.

Dont lie in bed too much and if you had a normal delivery be active start some normal walking exercises after 1 month.

For Cesarean births..exercises can be started after 3 months.

Most women these days rest too much during confinement and end up becoming obese and never ever gaining back a flat abdomen.

A flat abdomen is not only to look good but also prevents us from developing Metabolic Syndrome at later age.
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