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Help needed in Kumbakonam

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I am in Kumbakonam for a few days. I am planning to do the Navagraha Darshanam as I have many things going wrong in my life and need relief. Can some kind person recommend a suitable priest in Kumbakonam who could accompany me during the temple vists to the Navagraha Deities and guide me as to the right rituals at the temples as my knowledge of rituals and formal worship is poor. I will pay suitable dakshina to the priest but I would prefer a person who is not too money minded as my financial circumstances are not good at present. I feel having a priest along will be of much help as I am not confident enough to go ahead on my own.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Thanks and Namaskarams

There is one person who is based in Tnagar, Chennai.

He knows quite a few places in and around Kumbakonam.

You can call him and speak with him to find out about his availability etc... As far as i know, he is not expensive.

His name is S. Govindarajan
Mob - 9003288565, 9444244744, 9444961403

note - he is also an astrologer and has an active consultancy.
Thank you

Thank you for the early response. The contact you have given may be useful for me when I am in Chennai and I am thinking of contacting him when I go there. With regard to my requirement for a priest I feel a local Kumbakonam priest will be better time-wise and cost-wise. Therefore, I will await further replies to see whether some kind person can help me locally.

Once again many thanks for replying and I hope to make some financial contribution to this very useful and helpful site when my circumstances improve.


Hello Sir,

I have one person who is already a priest by name Somaskandan in Kumbakonam. He is performing pooja in a siva temple. He is not used to accompany like this but did once or twice.
If I request he can do so i hope. Please contact me and I will guide you to speak with him. (note that he is not money minded).

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