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Help identify Malayalam Slokam

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Would appreciate help in identifying two things I'm trying to transcribe from an old recording of my grandmother.

One goes:
Naadu chutti sancharichal pava karmam teerum,
Veedu pukki irunukondal papakkam undam

The other is the proverb:
Anyithaal chinchatam karyam,
Deyvam anyithra chinthathe

Am looking for a literal translation and if possible a link to where this came from.


First one should be understood some thing like this
Naduchuttuka means travel around
In ancient times people undertook travel mainly for pilgrimage
so nadu chutti sancharikkuka means undertake lot of pilgrimage to wash off your papakarmas.
Veedupukki irunnu kondal means if You stay indoors you are only going to add more to your papa karmas -- in nut shell don't stay idle be on move to wash off your sins

I have some difficulty in second one. Could post image of the writings if possible? I am afraid it is not properly spelt
Thanks @ganesh65, I didn't think about it in that manner of traveling being a synonym for pilgrimages in the old days.

On the second quote I'm transcribing my grandmother's recording probably not very well. Will try to clip the audio and put it up somewhere so you can hear it.

Thanks again,
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