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Hedathale - Visiting the temple is a divine experience !

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In the state of Karnataka, Hedathale is a small village about 10 Kms from the famous Nanjankud (Lord Shiva as Nanjundaswamy). The Hedathale temple is a Vishnu temple and a visit to the temple is a real divine experience. The statues and the temple are in Hoysala style (similar to Halabedu & Belur). The archaka swamy there lives close to the temple and he is so enthusiastic in arranging good darshan, explaining even minute details.

As a sample, I attach a photograph of Sri Andal (Gotha) and advise you to zoom the picture and look at the eyes of the idol. Our forefathers are really great !


  • Andal at Hedathale.jpg
    Andal at Hedathale.jpg
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  • Andal Hedathale02.jpg
    Andal Hedathale02.jpg
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