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Heaven and Vaikundam

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to gtji, the Heaven or vaikundam all are with in a human body,in one word the rebirth, or Moksha all we can enjoy in this birth only,every day we are faceing Mahabartham, Ramayanam inday today life.Every human birth is having Happy and Unhappy etc, so to understand about this human birth is the top of creation,we must proud about this birth, and we must think what for we get the birth, the purpose of the human being to go back(SOULs Journy) to the ultimate Supreme(light of Ocean).The mokshm,Naragam,Mukthi etc all are one can enjoy in this birth itself just" GO WITH IN"by focus your concentration at the EYE Centre and Meditate. For this you must learn from a perfect living Master. The journey of the SOUL will understand so many wonders in 6 stages(from eyecentre to BrahmNDam) the destiny of the Soul is to reach the original Home from where they came to this earth, s.r.k.
Hell and heaven are places the Jivas in bondage (baddha jeevas) visit after death to suffer or enjoy the fruits of their karma. After their stay in hell/heaven they return to take up another body and continue their existence in bondage (samsara). Those who have attained liberation from bondage (mukthi) go to Sri Vaikuntam after death and never return to bondage (samsaram) ever. Liberation is attained through Bhakthi Yoga or Prapatti (surrender). This is the orthodox Sri Vaishnava view.
greentrees: One of the greatest things about the Sanatana Dharma is its vastness. On questions like this, you will get a great number of views. I truly appreciate the last sentence in Vara's statement, pointing out which point of view it is. Often people speak opinion as if it were fact.

So in the end you have to ask yourself the question, :Which of these is closest to what I already think?" Or if you have no thoughts on the subject, "Which makes the most sense to me?" This is all self-inquiry which is a basic tenet in Hinduism, all branches of it, another beautiful thing.
So now I give you my point of view, which is from my own gut, and influenced by Saiva Siddhantam. Firstly there is no hell. There are hellish states of mind, but no hell. Hell is pretty much a western construct. After death we go to the astral plane, second world, or loka. Depending on how we lived this life, and in past lives, we go to a clear place, or a foggy place. In other words, the closer we are to Self-realisation, and moksha, the clearer it will be. What I mean by clear is the depth or 'thickness' ofveils between the worlds. The further we are on the path, the more control we have of our destiny, and of our next birth. So if we have prayed hard, and lived a pure devout life, we may even get to CHOOSE the family we want to be born into.

Aum Namasivaya

1. Is Heaven and Vaikundam two different places or the same? :pray:

They are one and the same place like Kailasham.They are all one.ekam sat vipra bahudanty.

2. Where do we go after our death?
Based on your actions or karmas,there are seven lokas to which we get transported in a spirit form,or aavi.

3. Can someone elaborate the :decision:

a. journey for the people who are going to attain moksha? and
Cannot explain this journey,as you need to do it as an individual and experiance it.

b. journey for the people who are going to have rebirth?

God willing you will not rememeber it as most of the people in earth experiance.Only people who have the gods grace more than majority people,will know poorva-janma karmam.

Thank You.

Dear greentrees Ji,

If you look at all different faiths in the world in which 'God' is explicitly formulated (unlike Buddhism where it is implicit), there are a few items on whhich they all agree:

1. Prayer is important and is heard.
2. Devotion and submission are essential to lead a pious life.
3. If one leads such a life, God will be pleased and you will come to 'know' Him, so that you can be 'liberated'.

After these basic truths amongst the religions, all the rest of the constructs such as heaven, paradise, hell, lokam, deivams, angels, state after death etc., are all meta physical constructs that came in to being as mechanisms to support the basic three priciples stated above.

So, it is important to have your own beliefs and mature spiritually without regard to any meta physical constructs.

heaven and...

Dear sir. Super. The best words in the best order. Even advaitam exhorts one to pray to acquire the capacity to analyse oneself so that the self enquiry leads to liberation.
Yes it is imlicit in Budhdhism and I do not think there is any difference between maha nirvana and liberation.
thank you so much.
heaven and ...

Dear sirs.
The following quotation from Swami Vivekananda is worth pondering over.
"Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divine within by controlling nature external and internal. Do this either by work or worship or psychic control or philosophy. By one or more or all of these and be FREE. This is the whole of religion. Doctrines or dogmas or rituals or books or worship or temples are but secondary details."
pl. note that he did not say unimportant but said secondary .
thank you.
Self realization and total surrender including your
ego by bhakthi though they appear to be diffrent paths
all the same.
Self realization ... No ego
surrender.............. No ego
ultimate is no ego only.

Our system allows you enjoy any state
அத்துவிதம் அல்லது துவைதம்
அல்லது பலவிதம் . எந்த நிலையில் நின்றும்
சுகித்துக்கொள்ளலாம் -- சாஸ்வத சுகம் முக்கியம் .
ஹனுமனுக்கு வைகுண்டம் தேவைப்படவில்லை ஏன் எனில்
அங்கு ராமர் இல்லை என்ற வருத்தம் . அவரவர் மன
மற்றும் மனம் அற்ற நிலை பொறுத்தே அனைத்தும்
Intelligent Questions !!

i think the more one goes behind finding facts all about these things , the more farther away , he/she may end up from the materialistic world , from your emotionally attached family life set up
meaning that this quest may be only suitable for the " Brave Hearts " who have weak family links or who may wish to wither away their links !

After all mahatma's , siddha purusharkal are only a few , GOD does not provide all with that kind of spark , so easily !

Meditation , penance , i heard the great Ravana did it standing on one leg for years together , i really doubt in the modern day , this sort of balance is possible with the pot bellied citizens !

Although most of us are interested to know what happens after death , there is also a voice behind saying Why worry worry until worry worries you !!

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