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Have you heard of this dangerous chemical? Dihydrogen Monoxide.

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Here it is!!!


God given WATER!!!
One student did a project about landfills. Her background research described the importance of preventing the release of certain chemicals into the atmosphere -- chemicals such as dihydrogen
monoxide (DHMO).

I smiled when I read that. The "evils" of DHMO are part of a famous science hoax, a very funny one that supposedly began more than 20 years ago on the University of California, Santa Cruz, campus. It crops up every so often.

Propaganda opposing DHMO cites the substance's presence in acid rain, use in naval warfare, and the fact that professional athltes can become dependent on its performance-enhancing abilities. Seriously, you should conduct a Google search of DHMO if you haven't seen this list. It's even funnier than that YouTube video showing the dancing Christmas tree surprising the cat. (If you haven't figured out yet what dihydrogen monoxide is, write out the chemical formula. Really? Okay, it's water. Now go tear up your doctoral diploma.)

I used to use the dihydrogen monoxide hoax on the first day of a class I taught about the public perception of science. After distributing a DHMO "fact sheet" detailing its dangers, I'd ask the students to decide the fate of this chemical. Most semesters, between one-quarter and one-half of the students voted to regulate or ban outright the scary-sounding DHMO.

These were college students. Mostly science majors. At Johns Hopkins University. Which must be a smart school because that's where they filmed The Social Network.

Experimental Error: Forging a Head - Science Careers - Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Faculty, Postdoc jobs on Science Careers
I have heard of "turning air blue"!

This goes one step further and "turns water into a poison"!

The real threat is the polluted water, but nothing is said about it

anywhere in this scary video!

The power of U tube and the perverted imagination of the people!!! :mmph:
The land, the water and the air all contain di-hydrogen-monoxide!

What are we going to do about it?

What can we do about it?

What is the safer alternative??

If at all there is one...!
What this goes to show that there are hoaxes in the scientific world also.

But the truth is, we're not as skeptical as we portray ourselves to be. We believe things simply because they're relayed to us by other scientists. We believe what we read in journals, and we believe what our teachers tell us. We believe in subatomic particles we can't see. We're told that an instrument measures these particles, we can see the output of the instrument, we can understand the theory, and we can learn how the instrument works -- but that's as close as we can come.

And here we have no choice. We have to attribute validity to certain sources because we just don't know enough about every branch of science ourselves. Which is why, when one of those sources is debunked, we're deeply shaken. We remember how flimsy the foundation of our understanding really is. And that's scary, though maybe not as scary as the Manitoba Cypress of Demise.

When we write about religious beliefs we should remember this.

If the real threat is explained, then how does anyone create a HOAX?

Can anyone imagine that many literate people have signed to BAN this Dihydrogen Monoxide,

without even knowing what it means!!! I could not upload that video. May be it is also banned?

I am reminded of a story related by my father.

There lived a man who could pin point every drink that went into his

cocktail-even if only in small traces. He had super refined taste buds and

olfactory nerves. He took pride in his powers and would often exhibit his

rare skill to groups of people. :yo:

One day he was offered a drink by a group of people. Try as hard as he

could, he could not name that drink!

He sniffed at it, tasted, drank it, but it defied his super duper skills.

Finally he admitted his defeat and said, :yield:

"I don't know what it is but have it from me it will never sell!"

He was wrong twice! :loco:

The drink that defied his superior skills was plain drinking water!

Water is sold at fantastic prices now! Try buying a bottle of water at

any Airport. You would rather dehydrate and than buy one at that

astronomical price (especially when converted to Indian rupees)! :shocked:

பழமையும், புதுமையும்.

வானத்தை வில்லாக வளைப்பது,

மணலைக் கயிறாகத் திரிப்பது,

நக்ஷத்திரங்களைப் பறிப்பது,

பேனை பெருமாள் ஆக்குவது! :deadhorse:

இவை எல்லாம் பழமொழிகள்! :moony:

நீரையே கொடிய நஞ்சாக்குவது,

யே விஷமாக்குவது,

அஸ்தியில் ஜுரம் வரவைப்பது,

குஸ்தியில் மாட்டி விடுவது! :plane:

இன்றைய புத்தம் புதுமொழிகள்! :director:
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What this goes to show that there are hoaxes in the scientific world also. ........................

Thank you Sir, for your post on this hoax and enlightening us. So far, we have received 'news' like,

5 headed snake found in Kukke Subramanya, Near Mangalore,Karnataka:



and poisonous spider under toilet seats in aircrafts:


But this one is NEW ! :fish2:
When we write about religious beliefs we should remember this.

Religious beliefs are made on our own accord and quite willingly!

This is atrocious because it makes people feel that

they have been drinking poison all their lives and that

they are too deep in it to be saved. :spit:

Another guilt feeling it tries to raise is that

we have been feeding our children the poison

willingly and knowingly- when it is nowhere near to

any poisonous substances! :Cry:
Mix equal quantities of pure Dihydrogen Monoxide with pure Oxygen Dihydride in a bottle, put a tight lid on it and shake the mixture well till you feel pain in the hands. Now all the harmful effects of BOTH these chemicals would have been neutralized by each other and use the mixture freely for any purpose of your choice. Do not forget to propitiate Indra and Varuna before starting your bottle-shaking. Oh, I forgot, even before that, don't forget to perform Vigneswara Pooja, to ensure that every thing goes off without a hitch! :) ;) :)
Use Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 to destroy harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi,

mold, mildew and other harmful biological contaminants.

So the polluted water will be purified and all the gods will be smiling down on us for

VR: Use Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 ....

Sure Madam, H2O2 has its disinfectability, but did you miss out some thing from my post? I hoped that any one could see that Dihydrogen Monoxide = H2O = Oxygen Dihydride ! ;)

If we "Mix equal quantities of pure Dihydrogen Monoxide with pure Oxygen Dihydride in a bottle",

then there is no need for H2 O2!!!
So Mr. CLN has decided to complicate further the already complicated matters

regarding the very dangerous chemical called severally by the names

Di-hydrogen-Monoxide, Oxygen-Di-hydride and plain drinking water.:fear:
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