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Happy Vinayaka Chavithi

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why did chathurthi change to chavithi now?

what does 'happy vinayaka chavithi' mean? this appears a be happy pandemic going on in the world. the other day while driving i saw a 'happy ramadan' - first time i am seeing that.

now chavithi.

the world was simpler in my time - happy was reserved for deepavali, merry for christmas, mubarak for ramadan. now everyone is on the 'happy spree. dont know what the world is coming to.

has anybody seen 'i love (not the word, but the red heart symbol originated with new york) allah'. i saw it a while back. soon we will be seeing ' 'red heart' siva or i 'heart pope jean-paul'.

this 'love' thing, personally i feel, is not such a bad thing for better love than war.

btw, happy chavithi to you to somanathan iyer. hope you have tons of uppu kozhakaatai, vella kozhakattai and (ofcourse) pillayar kozhakattai. while at it, save some for me too. i am in india in 10 days, and i will pick it up from your house. :)
Hello SomanathaIyer,
Happy Vinayak Chathurthi to you and Your Family.
We had a Simple pooja for God Vinayaka and we visited Near By Vinayaka Temple.
Vinayaka is the comman man's God.He is Pratyaksham at every pupil tree.Nowadays Every Flat has a small madakoil for Vinayaka .It is Good .People keep the surrounding clean
Thanks Mr. Kunjuppu for your greetings. Yes I used chavithi because it is colloquial form of Chathurthi in Andhra Pradesh where I live.

I will be extremely happy to receive you at my home if you decides to pay a visit. We have made only vella kozhakattai apart from payasam, vadai etc. we will make all what you have mentioned when you come to Hyderabad.

Wow im Telugu and I never knew its known as Chavithi there. Somehow i prefer chaturthi. Hope everyone has a good one....btw i dunno what uppu kozhakattais are...i thought they should be sweet. I prefer the modak shaped ones more though...easier to make.
Hi Mr. talwan,

Thanks a lot for your greetings and I wish the same to You and your family. we completed our Pooja only by 1.30 pm, and prior to that in the morning I visited Lord Ganesa in the nearby Ramalaya. I agree that vinayaka is installed in every Mall and apartments. But the only sore thing is idols of Ganesa in black stone and brass is kept at the entrance of the rich class. whoever visits them, they leave their footwear there as if Vinayaka guards their footwear. that is some thing which pains me.
Hi Amalaji,

In andhra only modakams are prepared and offered. I think Kozhakattai is some thing unique with Tamil culture.

May Lord Ganesha shower his blessing on all his devotees!

Yes. Kuzhukattais are made in many types, the prime one being the modak - sweet one. There are modak making

presses available in the market. But mostly it is hand made. There is also a custom in brahmin families to make

ammani kuzhukkattai, which is small balls made from rice and jaggery and pour it on the baby's head when he / she

crawls and crossed the door to the next room. And I am awaiting for my grand daughter to do that. She may do it

today, so that we can make all varieties in one go..... zooooom... It is 7 am in Boston!
...............has anybody seen 'i love (not the word, but the red heart symbol originated with new york) allah'. i saw it a while back. soon we will be seeing ' 'red heart' siva or i 'heart pope jean-paul'.............

I wish to tell you something in this context, Sir. You must have noticed the symbol given for 'like' in this forum. It is

not a 'thumbs up' sign by a 'heart' sign! I feel a little embarrassed to click, just because of that sign! People may

wonder what is wrong in this! But,
I keep writing replies whenever I like a post. :typing:
in ma home,

ammani kozhakkattai was fondly called pulya kolakkattai. baby talk when i was young. ammani being by late paternal grandma name, i think, we avoided using that nomenclature :)
I was searching in the forum to find a suitable place to wish Happy Vinayaka
Chaturthy! to all. Thanks this thread is already started!
Yummy for Swami! :hail: :hail: :hail:

Hey guys, A Very Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi to all of you too.. sorry could not wish you before.. I was also first surprised why Somanath Iyer was wishing everyone Vinayaka Chavithi.. :)) of course read the explanation, that he is in Andhra Pradesh, I being part telugu understood it.. this year I missed making all the goodies, just prayed to Vinayaka for all the family and friends, and every soul in this world.. I feel the best gift you can give on a any day is sending positive vibes to everyone in the world..

I just feel a surge of happiness and feel so strongly that something good is coming.. just had to share it.. :)
God bless you all my friends at this lovely forum..
lots of love
Bushu :)
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