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Happy Mother's Day - 9th May, 2010

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I wish all the mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day, 9th May, 2009

The Second Sunday of Every May is celebrated as Mother’s day to express our appreciation to our mother, which we unintentionally fail to do through out the year.

Motherhood is a stage of life in which every mother becomes an angel of God, showering flawlessly the true love, joy, happiness and nourishes the new life physically, emotionally and intellectually.

I thank God to have created a woman to be a mother who lives for the happiness of her child and accepts her child, the way her child is.

A woman as a mother would ever be a mother of her child irrespective of the physical build, complexion, mental caliber and the individuality of a child.

The only soul to relay upon, by every soul without a doubt.

:yo: to mothers.

Amma Endru Azhaikaadha Uyir Illaye, Amma Vai Vanangaamal Uyarvu Illaye

YouTube - 'Amma Endru' song from Mannan
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My best wishes to all the mothers.


p.s. Please permit me a little political statement, IMHO, the Dalit sanitary worker who cleans up after us, like a mother does, deserve our special thanks and respect on this special day.
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your Mom is your hero, your bestfriend or just the best mother ever,
whether you are blessed to have your Mom still with you, or if she is a devi in swarga lokam also known as, an
Angel in Heaven, let everyone
know you are proud of your Mom and love her dearly. I love you Mom!♥ ♥
Happy Mother's Day!
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