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Happy father's day - 20th june 2010

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I wish all the father's of this forum a Very Happy Father's Day Celebrations.....

"Dad, you are someone to look up to no matter how tall I have grown." - Unknown Author

I solute all the fathers who did and still are doing their best for their children, coping & keeping pace with the changing generation and unique challenges; being a mentor, being a guide and for sure being a good friend.

Wish all the guys who all are going to become a father in future may have the capacity and strength to be a great father understanding the future generation....

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Surprisingly in India the present generation only celeberates Valentine's Day.

Fathers Day and Mothers Day are too Western for the liking of the present generation.

Shraddham is out of date and Fathers Day and Mothers Day are too Western. :)

Remember a young girl saying in a Oprah Winfrey show.

Parents are also Human.
If Fathers Day and Mothers Day become popular some organizations may protest saying "In Hinduism we remember only dead parents , not the living ones"

P.S: I could not locate the right Smilie. Laugh.
[FONT=&quot]I believe Father's Day and Mother's Day are only the best of all other important days and remembering & revering dead parents are the sweetest of all.

I would like to request members to go through the presentation below, that I have prepared, extracting from my email and have uploaded in the link below..


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