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Hi Saiwarie,

Greetings. I wish to give you the benefit of doubt. You may not know how to produce references. If that is the case, it is not a bad idea to write to Sri.KRS about that to his e-mail address, he was kind enough to provide. For your information, in the past, I had no idea to do referencing either. I learnt it.

This is how you do it -

step 1 - you read some stuff on the net; you like it;you wish to share it. (Up to this, we all are the same. we all go through this).

step 2 - You copy paste it from the web page; or copy type it from that web-page. In any case, now you have copied some else's work. It could even be 'Srimad Baghavat Gita'....still someone else's work.

step 3 - at the end of the copy pasted message, provide the source from where you got that information. Once you have done that, it is not 'plagerism' anymore. (In the academic sense, still it would be; you are expected to write it in your own words...but for forum purposes, the rule doesn't get that stiff, I think).

Providing the web source - If you look at the top of the page, usually the third line...you have the arrow to click to go back, button to 'refresh', button to stop , 'home button' then you have some information ....usually starts with http://www......and usually finish with .html. Copy all that line ( place the cursor arrow on that line and 'left click'; the whole line becomes high-lighted, copy it. right click on the forum window and paste it along with your copy-pasted information..that's all). Hope this helps.

Dear Sri Raghy Ji,

Signeswarie Ji knows how to reference - evidenced by the fact that he/she has done so in a number of postings. Others were copied , posted and passed of as his/her own words, from the middle of several internet articles (I did extensive research on that)

He/she was warned severely by Sri Praveen Ji the first time. He/she still went ahead, doing the same thing. I 'temporarily' banned him/her, giving my e-mail address, and instead of explaining why he/she did what he/she did, he/she creates another handle and spam post.

I share your concern about banning anyone, but this is a clear cut case of extreme behavior. Still I am open to receiving a mail from this person.

Not open for further replies.

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