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happiness in heart

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You are the hope in the midst of our souls.
You are the faith that comes with high goals.
You are the meaning of bliss.
You are the feeling of a loving mother’s kiss.
You are the sensation of everlasting love.
You are an angel sent down from above.
You are the wrapping of a wonderful gift.
When our lives are fading, to you we drift.
When nothing in our lives seems to go right,
You banish the night and replace it with light.
You are a field of roses in the prairies of life.
You are the redeemer when we suffer from strife
that true happiness we gain
Happiness is a deep feeling,
All the sorrows that are healing,
Makes you feel alright,
Although you recently had a fight,
it shine our though with smile
and joy
it reduce the diffculties bliss our day
with unlimited happiness
the more u be happy
the more sucess u will gain in life
so find a way to be happy
to gain more sucess
When I felt happy, the next moment I felt sorrow
When I felt sorrow, the next moment I felt happy
Happiness and sorrow made me feel my life
Having both in my life, I felt I am alive
When I didn't feel anything, I was like am nothing
When I get what I don't want, I am not rejecting
For, the Almighty have something for me, to thrive
And here goes my life, to live, often sorting...

The happiness is bliss in heart
shine mind with unlimited smile
it give power to sucess in life
the more happiness we have the more sucess
we gain
love yourself gain more happiness

The love beckons me
I have enfold my feelings
Gifted with tenderest meanings
The untold love are flourish
The flowers are sprawled
For you, before you.

shivayadav yadav .

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So great c.ravi
u can post more

Sri siganeswarie,

Mine is nothing..
Though, thanks for your compliments
I am enjoying your writings
As and when time permits..

Its soothing me out of my hectic work load
Please keep it up. I shall as possible, post
I may be inspired just by a spark
Its enough to make me start..

thanks shansnrmp for great poem
thanks mr c ravi
feeling energetic is feeling happiness
within our body ,soul and mind
each happiness give u peace in heart
no tension no stress only smile in heart
it natural healing for stress
Happiness is our thought of good things
our thought of positive
our mind of relax
love yourself u will gain happiness
in u
it is gift of god that always with u
Bring a beautifull happiness by smile
smile forever
smile over all the stress
the more u smile
the more happiness
u gain
Not open for further replies.

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