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Thanks to Hinduism, everyone can have Ishta Deivam, the favourite to you. Lord Hanuman is Pradhyaksha dheivam in Kaliyuga. I started year 2011 with my first day morning at the feet of Anandamangalam Anjaneya Swamy and this year has been wonderful year. Jai Hanuman.
I know Hanumanji has many devotees to Him in India. In North majority of the people
pray Hanuman first. Besides, many people pray to Shree Hanumanji on Saturdays for
getting relief from difficulties or problems faced by them on account of Saturn (Sani Bagwan)
chiefly with an aim to get relief from this planet, while on Tuesdays to get relief from
Mars related problems.

I have been praying to Hanuman since the age of 11 and today at 51 I can say that I have experienced his power and blessing numerous times. I have seen his image in my room for a fleeting minute. I believe he is with us on earth.
hanumanji definitely there with us...in school for hanuman Jayanti i remember how all of us students,staff and everyone used to gather at one open place in front of hanuman JI's temple and keep chanting hanuman chalisa...It is said that whenever you take Rama nama hanumanji will be there around you..My teaches had told me once that she was so ill and on bed but she was strong and kept praying to hanumanji to free her from illness..she had hanuman chalisa under her pillow..she became better and then she started chanting hanuman chalisa when she got better...for long she was noticing a monkey at her window close to her bed..she thought it was there seeing the fruits at the window..despite trying to shoo the monkey,it never went..the whole time she chanted,the whole time the monkey was there imitating exactly what na.x was doing-closing eyes and praying sincerely..by the end of reciting chalisa she was perfectly fine..something felt in her that she opened the window..and offered the monkey one banana..the monkey just touched it and then jumped away..Was very inspired listening to this experience...
Another experience with shri hanuman ji was long back when my grandfather was ill and admitted in iccu...my mom didnt tell me that my grandfather is in hospital maybe cuz she thought i was too young to understand what is serious and what is not..well somehow in that week itself seeing my mom so tensed and all,i told her all will be fine and that ill pray for grandfather...that evening i sat to pray and chanted 11 times hanuman chalisa...in between my prayer itself a phone call came from india saying that there is improvement in grandfather..and the operation or something was successful...as each day passed he got better and better and better...and finally all perfect and good health...He's now a very happy person just like before running around doing work,all back just to how he was..:):):)

There is no better Doctor than God himself - believe in Him with a pure heart - perform Seva - Be good - do good live with humility and he will guide and protect you. He WILL cure you of your illness. Jai Sri Raam
I am happy to see that many have acknowledged the powers of Hanuman and he is
really all powerful and that is why He has assisted Rama in freeing Sita from the clutches
of Ravana and taught a lesson to him. Someone from States too asked about this

I just give below a Stotra written by Sri Adhi Sankara Bagavatpadal. If a person reads it
on Saturdays and on days of Moola Nakshtram, all problems relating to Sani will be wiped out
besides one would get courage not only mind but also strength in the body. This is a good
stotra can be read by persons who are affected by Sani Peyarchi times.

Veethaakila vishayechham Jathaananthasru pulaka mathyachham
Seethapathy duthaathyam Vathaathmaja madhya bhavaye Hruthyam

Tharunaaruna mukha kamalam karunaa rasa poora poorithaapangam
Sanjeevana Masaase Manjula Mahimaana Manjanaa Baagyam

Sambara vaira saraathika mambuja dhala vipula lochanoodaaram
Kambukala maniladishtam bimba jvalidhoshta meka mavalambeh

Dooreekrutha Seetharthihi prakateekrutha Rama Vaibava spoorthihi
Daaritha dasamuka keerthihi puratho mama bathu Hanumatho Moorthihi

Vanara Nikaraathyaksham Daanava kula kumutha ravikara sathroosam
Deena Janaavana Deeksham pavana thapaha pughgna mathraksham

Ethath pavana suthasya sthrotram yah patathi panjarathnaagyam
Siramiha Nikilaan Bogaan Bukthwa Sri Rama BagthiBag Bavathi

Whoever reads this Stotra will get all benefits for a long time and get
relieved from all Navagraha problems particularly from Saniswara Bhagwan
and they would be blessed by Hanumanji to become a Rama Baktha

reposting this too... :)

Jai anjaneya.jpg
O what a wonderful story. It shows that India is meant to remember and to worship the Lord and his devotees. I wished I would have had such a wonderful opportunity in school. But we basically learned (in Germany) about atheism. But by the Lord's mercy I have come to know Sri Rama and Hanuman. Live would be meaningless without Bhagavan and the Vaisnavas. That's for sure.
Do you have a photo of this Hanuman temple? I would love to see it.
Thanks and jaya Sita Rama!
Diviratha (Munich, Germany)
I think Hanuman is the real hero of the Ramayan. Anyday. Everytime. :)

i agree. when i was a kid, i remember saying that if i had to be any character in ramayana, i would like to be hanuman :)

thought flying around carrying sanjivani was pretty cool :)
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Hanuman Jayanthi is so special and powerful to so many throughout
India, even non-Hindus. Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated all over India
every year throughout India during Mar/April. Images of Panchamuga
Anjaneyar is available in the net. There is a famous Sri Viswaroopa
Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple in Tiruvallur near Chennai, Narasimha
Anjaneyar, Papanchavatee near Pondicheery, Panchavatee near
Dindivanam and one yet another famous Temple in Vadavalli Coimbatore.
There is one 32 feet Anajaneyar in Nanganallur.

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