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Hanuman a devoted Musician

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I have read an article on the knowledge of Hanuman's music, where it is mentioned that Narada sang in front of the Lord in the Vaikund. When Narada felt that Lord is unhappy, he requested him to say the reason. Soon Lord said to Narada that if you desire to know what real music is go to Hanuman and learn who is in Kandamadana Hill. Narada, while he was going to Kandamadana Hill, he found some ladies weeping with nose hut and injured on the face. When he asked them, they said that it is because of his
song in the Vaikund, they were driven to this stage. The only solution to that is he should sing a song in praise of Lord and please
Him with his good music. Narada straightaway went to Hanuman and met Him at the Hill and explained to Him the reason for meeting Him. Hanuman took his Veena and sang a song and dropped the Veena on the rock. The Veena got struck to it and Narada could not lift it. Narada again requested Hanuman to sing again and then the Veena could be lifted when the rock melted. This is one instance which I read about Narada's music potential. If you would like to have a reference to this effect, please browse the website "Hanuman - Panditravi", where you would be able to get more information with regard to Puranas, etc.

I submit this for just information only.

Ambattur Chennai
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