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Haldi/ kumkum ceremony for non golu custom during navratri..

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New member
Hi friends,
I need info for haldi kumkum ceremony. Actually we invite sumangalis to get manjal n kumkumam n we gift them small ladies related thing. But I need how to decorate our pooja murai. We dont hv custom of keeping golu at in laws house. We normally sing amman song n chant slokas at friend home who keep golu. Pls tell me wat to do n follow custom even if we dnt keep golu...

Even if you don't keep gollu, you can make sundal everyday during Navarathri.

Along with manjal kumkum, ladies are offered coconut / fruit, vetallai paaku. This is almost mandatory!

Giving a gift item is your choice: a lot of women have discontinued giving blouse piece, mirror and comb because this gets recycled!

In our house, we invite widows too...the only thing is some of them do not take the manjal kumkum.

The essence of gollu is for women to get together.

I sincerely hope my reply is useful to you.


Well-known member
If you are having pooja room with god and goddess pictures. It is enough. decorate with flowers to the pictures. Do neivedhyam of sundal. then camphor aarathy. then distribute the sundal and ladies related things. they can sing songs to the goddess pictures where ever it is there in your house.
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