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"Hair" a new favorite commodity of Thieves!!

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[h=1]Hair worth Rs. 40-lakh stolen

Hair, worth over Rs. 40 lakh, donated by devotees and stocked in a locked room at the famous Mariamman Temple in Irukkangudi was burgled on Thursday night.[/h]The police said that 15 to 18 bags of around 70 bags of hair of various qualities kept in the room attached to the ‘tonsuring mandapam’ adjacent to the main temple were stolen by unidentified persons.
Based on a complaint lodged by Temple Executive Officer and Assistant Commissioner R. Hariharan, Irukkangudi police have registered a case of burglary.
The hair, donated by devotees as part of their vows, is collected at the tonsuring mandapam.
After separation of the hair by length and quality, it is stocked in a room under lock and key.
Though the hair centre was auctioned every year, the process could not be completed since 2014 for lack of interest among contractors, a temple source said. The minimum amount for tender-cum-auction for the hair centre was fixed at Rs. 1 crore and the last date for the submission of tender application and auction was fixed on July 4, 2016.
The hair was used for making wigs and cosmetics, sources said.
Police sources said that four security personnel were posted in the temple for night duty. However, they did not find anything amiss on Thursday night.
The crime came to light only on Friday morning.
Thieves make off with 10 bags of hair from temple

Visakhapatnam: Vizag city police are witnessing a bizarre trend in thefts: human hair, which has spawned a flourishing market around the world. Robbers on Sunday night made off with 10 bags of special grade human hair, worth around Rs 10 lakh, from the Varaha Lakshmi Narsinga Swamy temple in the premises of the Simhachalam temple. The temple gets thousands of pilgrims every day from various parts of Andhra Pradesh, neighbouring Odisha and Chhattisgarh, who tonsure their heads, the hair being an offering to the deity.
The staff of the Kesh Kandana Sala (tonsuring centre) of the temple would collect the hair, segregate according to length and quality and store away to sell to exporters through an auction. Executive officer of Simhachalam temple K. Ramachandra Mohan said that nearly 15 bags of special grade human hair were stored in a room near the Kesh Kandana Sala of the temple and the criminal gang took away 10 of them, weighing around 160 kg.
The Gopalapatnam police inspected the crime spot and pressed the clues team and dog squad into action. DCP (ZonaI) Dr G Ram Gopal Naik said that preliminary investigations revealed that insiders had had a hand as the robbery occurred when the security guards were posted outside the building. Sources said that the robbers entered the store room of the building from the terrace, using a rope. Later, they cut the grill door of the terrace, came to the first floor, where they unscrewed the pivot to gain entry into the store room that had the bags.

போனாலும் முடி தானே போச்சு.....இதுக்கு போயி அலட்டிக்கலாமா .....
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