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H1B visa holders and matrimony - Important

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The following message was in my e-mail inbox and a venerable person had requested that this may be posted in this forum for the benefit of all readers. I am doing as requested. Kindly bear with me if there is anything violating internet code of conduct in this:-

Dear Parents of Brides and Grooms seeking Matrimony!

Happy "Nav Rathri' Greetings to all Mothers! May Godess Saraswathi, Ashtalakshmi and Durgai "reign-in" wealth, prosperity and happiness on your Family; and may She bless you with a celebration of a happy wedding for your son or daughter in your Family this coming year!

There are many Brides and Grooms in our Initiative who are here in the U.S. gainfully employed on a H1B visa, whose Parents are seeking Matrimony for them through GlobalMatri.Org.

In some exceptional cases those of you who are on Green Cards and U.S. citizens have also been seeking alliances of those who are on H1B visas. Others who are Singapore Permanent Residents/ Singapore Citizens, and a few of you from Australia and NZ and United Kingdom, have also been seeking those on H1B here in the U.S.

We want to put out this NOTICE OF ALERT for the benefit of all those receiving our weekly e-broadcasts through our Initiative.

Normally, H1B visa holders are permitted to work in the U.S. for a two (2) consecutive three-year term from the date of their commencement. At the end of their second 3-year term, (if they have not transitioned into a GC application status), they have to return to their Home country or another foreign land for good ~ for a period of one year, before seeking re-entry into the United States.

It has been a requirement of the Immigration Department that at the end (expiration) of the first 3-year term of the H1B visa holders, that they return to India to seek a re-stamping of their Passports for re-entry into the U.S. for a second three-year term. This is NOT a requirement, however, for H1Bs who have transitioned into a "Green Card" situation, (H1B~GC) as they get such an extension of their stay in the U.S. on a year-to-year basis.

Some of the H1B brides to whom H1B bridegrooms were recently introduced through our Initiative have given us a feedback to say in the last couple of months that some of those boys have gone to India to seek a re-stamping of their passports for re-entry to the U.S. for their second 3-year term, have never returned back to the U.S., because their re-entry visas have been denied.

We understand that H1B visa rejection by the U.S. Consulates in India is AT AN ALL TIME HIGH! With the U.S. economy facing some big economic challenges and the unemployment rates running into double digits in many States, we understand the Consulates' position in "denying the re-entry visas for H1B" is that "there is enough such talent available in the U.S. NOW!" Such visa denials to H1Bs have been happening to employees of large MNCorporations in the U.S., both on Wall Street and other very large U.S., corporations located all over the United States. And many of these Multi-Nationals have been watching this situation helplessly, without interfering.

What has almost been an "automatic" stamping of extension of H1Bs re-entry (return) to the U.S. has "become" a very doubtful situation for most boys and girls, seeking such re-entry. Consequently many of the brides who were seeking Matrimony with H1Bs are becoming nervous and hesitant in seeking such Matrimony to such H1B visa holders (not transitioning to GC). This is causing many marriages between the H1Bs living in the U.S. to become stalled. And many Parents of bridegrooms are frustrated!

Green Card holders who have very recently received their green cards have to be extremely wary of "courting" H1Bs in matrimony, because if their H1B spouses were to lose their jobs and cannot get one within 30 days, they will have to leave the U.S, as they cannot "legally stay" in the U.S., after remaining unemployed for over 30 days ~ neither can they convert themselves into a "H4" dependent visa of a H1B, because there is no such "privilege" available for GC holders!

DISCLAIMER: In the U.S. only a practicing Immigration Attorney can give advice on immigration matters; I am not a qualified and practicing Immigration attorney, thus cannot give specific advice on immigration matters! What has been discussed above, by way of sharing immigration information, is based on broad general guidelines obtaining (only) and may not apply to specific individual cases ~ you should contact an Immigration Attorney for your specifics.

Recently, our Initiative has received many requests from Boys on H1B and their Parents seeking Matrimony if there are any Brides from within our Initiative seeking to "return to India for good" in matrimony. Since we had not faced such a situation a year or two ago, our Registration Forms did not elicit such specific information on the "return" of boys and girls to India for good! With the above situation, many H1Bs boys are also taking the position that they have "definite" plan to return to India for good, and that the bride must be willing to return to India for good with a matrimony!

Our Initiative would like parents of all brides and grooms on H1B in the U.S. seeking one another to clarify their stand to one another in this matter, so there are few misunderstandings and the brides are given an opportunity to pursue their choices. We encourage all of the brides to ask this question to their prospective bridegrooms, to whom they are being introduced, in their very first "encounter"!

This week's e-broadcast is specially intended as "continuing education" to Parents of all brides and grooms seeking one another through our Initiative, because some of you in the U.K., Australia-New Zealand, Singapore and India may not realize the full implications of such seeking matrimony to H1B visa holder boys in the U.S.

"Caveat Emptor" in French means "Let the Purchaser Beware!", so all of you Parents of brides and grooms seeking H1Bs, "Beware"!

SeeghrmEva vivAhaprAptirastu (शीघ्रमेव विवाहप्राप्तिरस्तु)
சீக்⁴ரமேவ விவாஹப்ராப்திரஸ்து
Sashti Srinivasan, Founder
London Desk: Mr. R. Sivasankaran, Associate
105 New England Ave, M2
Tel: Number: in U.K. 44-208~907~1881
Summit, NJ 07901 Email: id: "Sivasankaran" <[email protected]>,
tel: 1-972 840 3495
Not sure why kunjuppu and amala "like this".

In any case, I think the choice is clear. What is more important, love or money? Will life be a disaster for the new bride if she doesn't get to go to the US on an H-4 visa?
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