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Guruvaayur - stay and food

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Brahmana Samooham has built a guest house at Guruvaayur exclusively for our community members for stay. Small functions could also be performed at the place.

Lunch is offered daily for our community members and the organisers have to be informed before 10 AM.

More details are available in the following website


Those who are not able to perform annual shrardha to their relatives can donate Rs.2500 Rs for `annadhanam' to the visitors of our community

All the best

Shri RV ji:

Highly informative. Great service to the devotees. Excellent choice in selecting this piece for posting in this website. Kindly continue this great service.

Thanks & Regards.

அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை
தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!
Normally its a tough task to get good food there. All the items will be of mallu style and filled with coconut oil, which is totally unfamiliar for us. The rice is also very hard there. One nice thing is banana of superior quality. The info is so great that we our community people has started a really good thing there. Main thing why am stressing is the cleanliness among other community (even veg hotels) are much less. Also, they even put some egg omlets and they say the same as vegetarian. (In that same place he will make dosa too). All these things I personally experinced in my guruvayur trip. Getting a good (cheap and quality) hotel is a hard task.

Thanks a lot for this nice info uncle...

//Om NamoBhagavatheVasudevaya//Excellent piece of very useful information, presented in a clear, professional manner for the benefit of thousands of devotees! motivates one to follow up, at the earliest opportunity with updates after visiting Guruvayur, the Lord willing, and staying in the Samooham facility and partaking of the food served as a great service to devotees: the lodging place, as far as i know, is for staying temporarily on a daily basis. there is some talk, now and then, of proposal to build senior citizens’ residential place – one has recently come up in thrissur. most grateful to Sri Chandru for this space, for the information compiled and presented.And, to Sri RVR for posting the information here//OmNamoNarayanaya// — rj
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