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Guru's thread: Son of the soil

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My friend who was deputed to undergo a course in US returned after a period of three years. We all went to the airport to receive him. After all the formalities were over, he came out and when we all cheered him, he kept his luggage in the van which was booked for him, removed his coat and tie and started rolling on the ground to our utter surprise for a few seconds, took a handful of the dirty soil from the ground and applied it to his forehead saying 'oh! This is my land, this is my land'. His dress was soiled a bit and his hands became dirty but he didn't care a jot for it. Then he said ' this is my soil and I am happy to be back here,. after three years '. I realised the literal meaning of the son of the soil then!
The above incident is real but slightly exaggerated taking writer's liberty.
I thought that such sincere people are the real SONS Of THE SOIL. Others who exploit the land for their own selfish ends and cheat the nation are SINS Of THE SOIL.
the real sons of the soil are in east delhi who can roll on the soil with a civic strike of safai karmacharis ensuring non removal of garbage all over the place.

if someone rolls on clean floors of the air terminals ,it is no big deal.

some talk in air and cannot come to terms with indian ground realities
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