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Guru Purnima -2011

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Today is Guru Purnima and yatis worship sage Vyasa this day.

Without Guru , liberation is not possible. He gives us upadesa and guides us
in our search for the Truth. There is a story in Chandogya upanishad about
the need for a Guru. A man was abducted in the Gandhara pradesa and
he was left in the middle of a forest with eyes closed with a cloth and hands
also tied. He could not find his way to his village because it was dark in
the night . He was struggling. Then a passer-by unties the hands and
removes the cloth covering the eyes. He also told him the route to his
place. The man , after getting further guidance from others whom he
encountered enroute, reached his place.

It is explained that the man who removed the clothes and made him see
the route is the Guru. Without the Guru, he could not have reached the
place. The past karmas act as a barrier and one is left in the forest of
samsara , that is desires. The upanishad says - acharyavan purusho
vedaha. The sadhak who gets a Guru is sure to get Jnana.

In Prasna upanishad, six rishis seeking jnana approach a Guru, sage
Pippalada. He clarifies all their doubts and at the end of it, the disciples
address the sage : You have cleared all our doubts and have made us
cross the ocean of samsara and reach the other shore. You are our
Father. Namaskarams to you and all the rishis ,paramapithas.

In Mundakopanishad, the disciple goes to the Guru's place with
samith and seeks knowledge of the Supreme. Guru instructs him
suitably. Need for Guru is emphasised here also.

So, on this auspicious day, let us bow in reverence to all our great GURUS.
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