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Guru Pournima Day

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I salute my great Guru,
Who does not have end, beginning or middle ,
Who does not have hand or feet ,
Who does not have name or clan or school of thought,
Who does not have caste , colour ,
Who is not either man or woman or eunuch.
Who does not have form or emotions,
Who does not have either birth or death,
Who does not have sin or good deeds,
Who is beyond principles and is one principle,
And who is friendly and tolerant.

Gurur Brahma , gurur Vishnu , gurur devo maheswara,
Guru sakshath param brahma thasmai Sri guruave nama.

Sri Guru Stotram
Hello sir ,yes ,yesterday being Guru Pournima day ,I had a golden chance to get participate in the meet conducted by PRANIC HEALING HOME Anna nagar.since I had finish the basic certificate courses of Pranic healing ,I had a very nice experience in it .we were in group of members whom ,we were instructed to perform physical exersice ,TWIN HEART MEDITATION ,book reading of MASTER CHAO. one can feel the the positive vibration,can feel the good changes in their AURA.,we can sure get the mental calmness.I thank for giving me a chance to share my personal feel.
Hello all ,this is to inform that out of public interest the healers in this PRANIC HEALING HOME ,Anna nagar perform free healing to all patients on every thursday 11.00-4.00pm. they conduct meditations ,workshops ,healing camps etc.if required you can contact 044-26213528 ,044-42170996.its on pure faith any treatment as a matter of fact when we under go.:pray:
Not open for further replies.

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