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Growing a beard

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Dear Shri.Sarma Sasthrigal,
It will be nice if you could quote the relevant verse in 'Sastras' which prohibits the growing of beard in normal times.This will improve the knowledge of members.
Here I am reminded of Jagatguru(title conferred by Kasi Pundits for his knowledge of 'Sastras' when he was very young)Acharya Kripalu
Maharaj.In his discourses he always indicate the verse number,chapter number and name of the book,like Upanishad,Bhavat Gita etc.Now he is around 88 years and has large following.His lectures are broadcast in
'AASTHA' and 'SANSKAR' TV channels.You can also find more details about his 'Ashram' through google.
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It is not my practice to quote and I do not intend do it.

By the by, have you seen my other postings on Sandhyavandana?

Sarma Sastrigal
Dear sri Sarma Sastrigal,

It would be better to support your statements by giving references, if called for
by anyone. Whether this is applicable to grahasthas only or is it applicable to all ?
In the olden days the Rishis had long beards etc. and they lead family life. What
about them ?
I have already replied earlier to the first portion of your statement. Of course I am always available for personal dicussions. Having said that at the outset, let me express my happiness at your interest and the anxiety to know and understand our principles.

Well, regarding the other aspect, this niyamam is not only for Grahastas but also applies to most of the Sanyasis (there again there is an exception for certain type of Sanyasis).

Rishis with long beards, you must have seen illustrations and artistic visuals and came to this conclusion. Long beards are not a must for Rishis and there could have been Rishis without dhaadi too. No dispute over it. Rishis belong to entirely different category. Despite their calibre that was no less than that of the Devas, they are treated as humans since they lived among human beings on earth.

As far this particular subject is concerned let us not enter further into this area now. On Rishis, I shall try to post another write-up with details in due course.

One more point let me add for which I may not be mistaken. For everything let us not search for pramanams and instead just follow our tradition - thats how I was brought up; of course you must be too and several of our generation. For all of us, you are aware, peria vaakku Veda vaakku. For someone for acadamic interest sake it is perfectly alright to go deep into the subject. Let others do the job.

By the by, have you read my other posting on Sandhyavandana?

Sarma Sastrigal
respected sarma sastrigal,
i had wondered even when rishis and others were shows in tv etc with long white beard principal person like rama, ravana, krishna etc are always clean shaven. My friend says that the shaving etc came only late and these devas asuras etc were thousand years older.

in the primitive stage we were wandering in jungles with only aim for food and sex and where is the question of shaving etc.?

while going for sabarimala non-shave for 41 days with blackmundu was told bymy guruji. Reason is that it will be an indication to others that you are a swami and you must not be neared with loukika sughas.
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